Photo Hunt: Free Week

For want of anything else, I am posting the first photos I took… Well… The first ones taken outside of the house… using my new camera.

I am still trying to figure out the settings. The images aren’t as sharp and the resolution not as good as I would like, yet.

On the way home from work I stopped in at the Experimental Farm. I was losing light, It was snowing, traffic on Prince of Wales was terrible, and Mom was alone so I didn’t have time to stop for long. However, since the road across the Farm is closed in winter, now, there are very few cars along the road. It is a lovely view in almost any season and weather.

Unfortunately, traffic along Prince of Wales and Baseline Road is usually pretty heavy so the lights from the cars is often intrusive.

Hopefully, the weather will be nice tomorrow and we can get out into the country for a bit tomorrow.

After fiddling with some of the settings and testing the results, the resolution is a lot better. Of course, I will have to try it out of doors, next.

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