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I forgot to add a posting about the Skulls event two weeks ago at Kelly’s Welcome, in Manotick.

The show was a blast, as usual, and I made a couple of videos of Ken, Ray and Rob, in action. The videos aren’t as good as they could be, but the guys were nice enough to add a link to them from their site.

It turns out that, amongst many coincidental links with Skull Ray (he now lives on the other end of the street that I grew up on, for one), he was in my Mom’s* Grade 9 Geography class at Laurentian High School! They met again when we were all at the Tom Russell show in Montreal (mentioned in the previous posting).

It was Rob and Ray that introduced me to Tom Russell’s music.

Ray, Rob, and Ken with Tom Russell (centre)**

* Mom is now confirmed Russellhead, as well, and we listen almost exclusively to Tom Russell in the car. Tom was tickled to find out that Mom, aged 81, considers “Tonight We Ride” to be our “driving-around theme-song”.

** Image swiped from the Skulls photo pages

Tom Russell

Tom Russell played The Green Room in Montreal on Thursday night (backed, as usual, by Andrew Hardin).
It was fan-freaking-tastic!
I am now a confirmed Russellhead.
I took a number of videos of the event and am waiting to see if I can get permission to upload them to Google Video. Once I do, I’ll link to them.
Tom Russell, you could be forgiven for thinking from his CDs, comes acrosss in recordings as sort of taciturn, serious, and rather cool. He is far from that. On stage, he is funny, engaging, and interacts with the audience. He is a master-storyteller both in spoken word and in song.
It is SO worth going to see him in person.

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