A new takes on a few older photos… 

License plate

My new license plates.


Yesterday, I bought a laptop, partially so that I could be able to make use of the tool I bought for Mom to assist with her memory. The Vicon Revue is a device designed for people with memory disorders to assist them with cognitive function. It takes photos throughout the day and enables them to review the images to refresh their memory or to assist in therapy designed to enhance or restore memory function

I was having great difficulty in getting the images to download to my computer and having them on my computer was problematic because Mom would have to come upstairs to view them.

So I was able to install the software to the computer and to be able to download the images from the camera to the laptop.

Then, part way through the evening, the touchpad on the laptop ceased functioning properly. I can move the pointer but not click or double click on an icon. I can click enter and access an application but not being able to make use of the touchpad properly is a pain. I have installed my wireless mouse but that means I have to use my laptop on a surface which will allow me to use them mouse… not on my lap.

I checked the drivers, located a button which turns the touchpad on and off, and finally sent in a support request.

It is annoying but I know that it MUST be something I pressed not a fault with the computer. But also annoying because I can’t figure it out on my own.

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