Someone please remind me when I need to be reminded…

The Laughing Heart
by Charles Bukowski

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

A Dubash moment

So… We were at the chiropractors and we came down, I put Mom in the car and went to put the wheelchair in the trunk. I put it in, closed the lid. I went to get my keys and discovered that they were most probably in the trunk. My spares were at home… To get in the house, I needed the house key which was in the trunk… You can’t get into the trunk by flipping the seat down. The only option was to call CAA, get a tow to my mechanic and hope he can get it unlocked. When I called him he told me it would be expensive and require a day to do. The option was to get it towed home, get a house locksmith in to pick the front door lock and get my spare… So I called CAA and changed the tow to my house. It would be 45 minutes for the tow truck.

So then, I decided to kill time by posting my dilemma on FB … I got as far as “This is the first time in ages that the car trunk has opened easily with the key… without… having… to … lift… the… floor… latch…”

Yep… I completely forgot the floor latch… D’oh..

Orrrr… Maybe not….

Well… There is a turn of events…

As I have mentioned, changes to the mandate for the government department meant that contact requirements had changed. I was being asked for the new contact to work exclusively on-site, for fewer hours, and pay for parking daily. Due to my family commitments I simply cannot work away from home. I turned it down. As of April 1, I was out of work and feeling fine with that.

Fifteen minutes ago, I got a call from the HR person for the company I work at. “Someone in high places has been putting a good word in for you!” they asked if I was able to work at home would I be inteKrested in a new contract…

I said yes on the spot. I still have to hear the terms but even if it means fewer hours per week, I am interested.

I was looking forward to being with Mom full-time but being able to put more money aside for the time when I really do have to stop working will be better than simply stopping now.

It’s weird, too, because I ran into someone who looked familiar. My grand-nephew is staying with her and her husband. Turns out that she works for the same department as I do in a slightly higher level. She told me that, rather than the Department’s mandate ending in March 2013, there is 7-9 years work left…. Hmmmm….

Well, I guess that is that…

So… On Friday I got a call regarding the call-up for the next 6 months. It requires me to be on-site full time and is for not quite full-time hours. Plus I have to pay for parking which amounts to an extra $200 a month or spend around 2 hours on the bus, each way.

Since I absolutely cannot leave Mom all day, every day and given the above problems, I simply can’t do it. I turned it down. I’ve said that if a different call-up comes up, I’d be more than happy to take it.

The upshot, however, is that, as of April 1, After 10 years, I will be out of work. Of course, in December 2010, I was laid off but then got a new call-up starting in January 2011. It just staved off the inevitable because the department mandate runs out at the end of March 2013, anyway.

I am looking for work that I can do at home, looking at some creative projects that I can work on at home. I am also looking forward to spending more quality time with Mom while we can enjoy each others’ company. Having more free time will enable me to do a better job taking care of Mom.

C’est la vie….

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