Photo Hunt: Square

I’m not entirely sure that I feel much like participating in anything this week… it’s been very stressful. Not only are taxes due to be done, but it is the end of the month and I have to get my timesheets and reports done for the end of the month. As well, as I have alluded to, there is some crap that I am dealing with in the co-op and I am struggling to deal with things that are just plain stupid. Well, I am not alone. But since I am on the Board, a lot falls on me because I am home all day so can get and make calls and emails.

However, a friend pointed out that it ISN’T all up to me and that things will unfold as they will. I take too much on for myself and I should just breathe and concentrate on other things. So I am.

Now. Having said all that, here is my contribution to “Square”… I posted this before for “Miniature“. However, since I now have an update on that previous post, just in the last two weeks, I thought I would use it again. As someone has pointed out, I failed to say what the “square” is!  It is a powder compact from the 1960s that my mother has had, probably since it was new and probably bought in New York City.

In my previous post, I had done some research which led me to believe that this is an enamel by the artist Karl Drerup. I was pretty sure that it looked like other images of his work.

Sure enough, two weeks ago, I received a comment on the original post from Karl Drerup’s son, Oliver who confirmed that it IS a piece by his father! We actually live in the same city and we are going to meet up so he can show me some catalogues of his father’s work! It is a small pleasant world.

Well worth remembering when you are in the midst of a week from Hell and dealing with idiots.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Currently, in our co-op, we have been enduring a situation which is aggravating, frustrating, and downright stupid. Ironically, it involves someone who I was very much in support of when they first moved into the co-op for reasons I now won’t go into, both because it I can’t because of my position and because I feel completely differently than I did exactly a year ago.

The thing is that if this person had just settled in and made any attempt to get along with others, they would have found a welcoming home. Instead, they have spent every spare minute finding something to get into a fight over. Not just petty little arguments but huge, community-wide disruptions. What few friends they made, they have alienated, either because they insisted in trying to enlist them in whatever manufactured dispute they had started. Whether imagined “threats to personal safety” by someone they had met once but “gotten bad vibes” from t0 “getting even” with someone they perceived as having stood in their way of whatever vendetta they have on the go next.

The sad thing is that they have a child who would find wonderful friends and have many happy years in a great community if the parent could only have taken the time to get along.

It is just plain sad.


I keep thinking… “Well, can it get worse?” or “Can we get through the next few days without more farce?” Apparently not.


Well… probably. Last night, when I arrived home after spending the evening with my friends I found that my Gmail had encountered “suspicious activity” and before I could access it I had to change my password. There were two attempted email sends to friends and co-workers but as far as I can tell nothing was successfully sent. That is a relief but now my Gmail Notifier isn’t working which is a pain. I tried to download and install it again but it still isn’t working….

Oh… and I have a feeling that I might be having a recurrence of Shingles. The back left side of my head is hurting like a bugger. At least I know what to look for this time.

Photo Hunt: Dusty

When I found this earlier today, one side was dusty and the other muddy. It had roots growing out of the handle and appears to have been the victim of multiple gunshots. There is one entrance wound (with a corresponding dent on the reverse side) and two exit wounds on one side, and one entry wound on the reverse (along with the aforementioned dent). Any experts in teapot forensics?

It was on the side of a dirt road my mother and I often drive along. I hadn’t seen it before. Whether it resurfaced after some loggers went rooting about in the brush or was recently discarded I can’t say. Unfortunately, the photo isn’t the best as I took it up in my office/bedroom and the lighting is terrible.

It will end up as a flower pot in my garden, I think.

Rough Aunties

Last night I watched the tail end of documentary on TV, called “Rough Aunties“.  The “Rough Aunties” are a group of women in South Africa dedicated to protecting, rescuing and advocating on behalf of children who have been infected with HIV/AIDS, most often because of rape. Their organization, Bobbi Bear, also provides prophylactic medications to children who have been raped to prevent the inevitable appearance of the virus, educates and provides advocacy on HIV/AIDS issues, and assisting in training Child Safety officers within the communities.

  • one in every four girls faces the prospect of being raped by her sixteenth birthday
  • every day in South Africa, at least 50 children become victims of rape
  • reported cases of child sexual abuse have increased by 400% in the past 8 – 9 years
  • in KwaZulu-Natal it is estimated that 51% of adults between 16 and 45 years are HIV+. Since this is the perpetrator age group for sexual abuse, child victims are at risk of contracting HIV

I was so moved by the documentary that I donated (donations can be made the UK via The RISE Foundation, the in the UK, US and Canada via Keep A Child Alive, and in South Africa through various methods). They also accept volunteers.

Photo Hunt: Road

So… “Paolo” at WordPress Support is trying to get to the bottom of the problems that I have been having with posting. It appears to be a problem related to how I am posting the images. Since I have been posting them the same way since I started posting on WordPress, it isn’t the method ITSELF but how WordPress is handling the method I am using at this time.

I have also posted this week on my Blogspot blog

Photo Hunt: Trees

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Trees”. The trees, here in Ottawa, are only just coming into bud. It will be a while before we see leaves on them, and then blossoms. Much as IK don’t want to think of snow for another few seasons, I have chosen a couple of photos from a number of years ago — one before the snow fell and one after.

The first is along the route we often take home from Fellowship on Sundays or sometimes when I pick something up from work and we “take the scenic route” home.


The second was taken from the front stoop of our previous house. Unfortunately, the cedar, which provided a wind-break from wind that whistled down between our old house and the row we now live in, was cut down a few years ago. It was always lovely in winter, as well as kept our walkway and stoop SOMEWHAT freer from snowdrifts..





This afternoon, on the way back from our chiropractor’s appointments, we were rear-ended in our car.

We had just gone through the intersection and were stopped in a line of cars. The line started moving but someone forced themselves into the left-hand land from the merge lane, I think, and the traffic came to an abrupt halt. The guy in front of me stopped and I had just started moving after having been stopped about 3/4 of a car length from him. I stopped about 2/3 of a car length behind him and looked in my rear-view mirror (like a good graduate of Young Driver’s of Canada) and could see that the woman behind us was coming up fast behind me. I took my foot off the brake and moved up as quickly and as close to the guy in front (there were cars in the merge lane to my right). However, the woman behind just wasn’t able to stop. She slammed into me and I hit the guy in front of me.

There was hardly any damage to the guy in front, a little bumper disarray. My car suffered a little minor damage to the front and rear bumpers but nothing I am bothering to report to my insurance company. It isn’t even worth doing anything about the bumpers. The woman who hit me had some moderate damage to her bumper and hood. It was a Hundai Tucson SUV so it was larger, heavier and had more exposed metal to get damaged.

More to the point, there was no damage to my Mom who was in the passenger seat. Had I swerved into the right lane, she would probably have been injured. I, however, and sore all over. My back, neck, left arm and shoulders, hip, right knee and right ankle, ribs…. are all pretty sore. I even have a welt on my scalp that I just discovered. I was checked over by the paramedics on the scene, just in case but I decided not to go to the hospital. They said I would probably get increasingly sore over the next few hours. So far, it’s nothing that a few painkillers and some bed rest won’t cure.


Junk shop photos

Back when I was living in New York City, I wandered into a junk shop, probably on 10th Avenue. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. In fact, I had to be careful how much I spent on anything I wanted that wasn’t strictly a “necessity” according to my ex. I was pawing through a box of photos and wished I could have bought the whole box or at least a few more. I settled for a small handful. This week, while my niece, Ange, and her boyfriend, Ryan, were sorting through my bedroom (they are helping FINALLY to get our house in order after our move last year. I say “help” but they are doing everything, bless them!) they unearthed the envelope of photos. I have scanned them and am going to upload them to When I get them uploaded, I will provide a link to any that make it through the vetting process.

I was just researching the names on two of the photos, of Elsie, Irwin and Grace Adams and located them! Sad to discover that none of them appeared to have married and they lived with their parents for many years.


"Elsie Adams, Irwin Adams, Grace Adams"


"Grace Adams"

I really like this next photo. I think possibly she might be Grace or Elsie Adams.

Unknown woman

But I think this is my favourite one. One doesn’t usually see studio photos of this period which show such love and humour. I wish I knew who these people were. What happened to them? Did the little girl marry?

Happy family, Hutchinson, Kansas

See the rest of the photos here.

Photo Hunt: Closed

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Closed”. The opening of a book and the closing of it.

“…all mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translators; some pieces are translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice; but God’s hand is in every translation, and his hand shall bind up all our scattered leaves again for that library where every book shall lie open to one another.” John Donne – Meditation XVII


Jessica Brooke Engelen-VanDenHeuvel

My niece, Jessica, was born on March 31, 1989. She died tragically in a fire, on May 12, 2004.

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