Shoe Fetish!

I bought a pair of El Naturalistas 2 years ago and was so thrilled with them that I went back a few days later to buy one in every colour… another woman had beat me to it and bought all the pairs in my size. I tried last Spring and they were sold out in my size, again. I went in in the fall and the owner of the store called the supplier… they had none and weren’t going to get more that year. He said “Try in February. that’s when the Spring shoes come in.”

I suddenly remembered and went in this afternoon. They were there!

I bought another pair of red, a burgundy, sand, and a canvas pair, white with printed flowers… I am thinking I should go back and get the mauve pair, too.

My feet are hard to fit. One size different from one to the other, and because I had the right foot stepped on by a work horse when I was a kid. Left is thin and turned in, right is wide and flat. The first pair I bought have lasted beautifully, just a bit scuffed. I now have enough to last a decade or more!

These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Car accident (not mine for a change)

My niece Jessica was in an accident on the weekend.

The van she was riding in rolled and flipped. She was thrown out the window, even though she was wearing her seatbelt. She was taken to Fort Frances Hospital, near Thunder Bay. She was released but both she and her partner were concerned that she was more seriously injured than the FF hospital and my sister drove them to Thunder Bay Health Services. Her step-father is a former nurse and has worked in the other hospital in town for years and felt that my niece was showing signs of brain trauma.

After expressing his concerns, she was sent for CAT scans and they found that she had three small bleeders in her brain, as well as a spine and knee injuries… her third in as many serious car accidents. They admitted her immediately. The bleeds are healing it seems and they want to ensure that she doesn’t have stroke or other side effects from the trauma.

As for how the accident happened…

The driver was driving 140km in a 100km zone…. while texting. My niece’s partner was also in the car and was okay.

“As we flipped something in my head told me to undo my seat belt and roll with the impact. A moment later when the roof hit the ground the ceiling went through where I was sitting to the floor. If I hadn’t of rolled with it, I would have fit in a small box. We then bounced 40 meters while flipping in the air and landed again on the roof and slid to a stop due to snow build up inside and along the sliding edge. Literally, my martial arts training saved my life.

 I wasn’t knocked out or anything and was conscious the whole tim,e. After it stopped I checked on Jessica, then T [the driver] and then ran for help.
If Jessica hand’t been outside the window and buckled up, she would have been crushed by the roof in the second impact. After stopping if the van had fallen she would have been decapitated. I was really scared for her.
Somehow, despite riding the interior of the van, I came out with only a few scrapes and a bruised collar bone. I was pretty lucky.”

The driver is in critical condition in the Fort Frances hospital.

Vic Toews wants to know

Vic Toews, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, had no idea what he was getting into when he sponsored legislation calling for government monitoring of the Internet.

In the interest in ensuring that Vic Toews is kept fully up to date, be sure to let him know what you are up to on the Internet. The following was my email.

Dear Vic,

Since you are so concerned about the activities of Canadians on the Internet, I thought I would fill you in.

I am currently updating my Facebook and my Google+ account.

I will be updating my blog shortly.

To assist you in keeping track of what we are all doing, I will be posting your email address. I know you will appreciate Canadians being proactive in ensuring that you have the latest information of our Internet activities.

Sincerely, Anneke Dubash

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