Shoe Fetish!

I bought a pair of El Naturalistas 2 years ago and was so thrilled with them that I went back a few days later to buy one in every colour… another woman had beat me to it and bought all the pairs in my size. I tried last Spring and they were sold out in my size, again. I went in in the fall and the owner of the store called the supplier… they had none and weren’t going to get more that year. He said “Try in February. that’s when the Spring shoes come in.”

I suddenly remembered and went in this afternoon. They were there!

I bought another pair of red, a burgundy, sand, and a canvas pair, white with printed flowers… I am thinking I should go back and get the mauve pair, too.

My feet are hard to fit. One size different from one to the other, and because I had the right foot stepped on by a work horse when I was a kid. Left is thin and turned in, right is wide and flat. The first pair I bought have lasted beautifully, just a bit scuffed. I now have enough to last a decade or more!

These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

New Shoes…

This morning, my dear friend Az, in Sevilla, posted about some shoes she was thinking of buying. I thought they looked so nice and comfy but I wasn’t sure if the would be available, here in Canada, let alone in Ottawa! I found that they ARE available in Canada and, more importantly, in Ottawa, at Glebe Trotters.


El Naturalista

Some of the shoes in the El Naturalista line are a bit… goofy-looking for my tastes but I just loved the look of these. They are expensive but really, when you consider that I rarely find shoes I can wear, that I like, and that my chiropractor will approve of, I think they were worth the price. I usually end up with something which is “sort of comfortable” and which I hope will eventually get more comfortable. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

The guy measured me and said size 36… whatever size that is… would be right. I couldn’t get my foot into is at all. I ended up with a 40 (he said it was around a 9). My problem is that my feet are slightly different sizes and while one is long and turns in, the other is wide and flat (as a result of being stepped on by a draft horse). If one shoe fits, the other is either going to be too big or too small. These ones are comfy right away and will form to fit my odd-shaped feet.

Thanks, Az!

IKEA angst….

WHY, Oh, WHY do people think it is appropriate or necessary to bring every single member of the family along to IKEA plus every child within a 5 mile radius of their home?????? As far as I am concerned, if you absolutely insist on bringing children or any member of the family not able to walk in a straight line at a reasonable pace or able to have care and control of a cart they should be duct-taped to a stroller.

And the next time I go to IKEA, I will bring an air-horn with me. I will no longer resort to screaming “EXCUSE ME” in your ear as you amble in ever decreasing circles in the aisle while carrying a Hrvrtxsis ice-cube mould and a Tvudermööööökenhangle ear-wax caddy and stare glassy-eyed at the ceiling, in order to get by you. Be warned….

And don’t get me started on those horrible cardboard “meat” balls….

They should open an IKEA which is exclusively for people who want to get in, get the thing they want, and get the fuck out…. I’d pay extra for that.

New Toy

Since I wanted to get serious about getting the details of Mom’s life, I decided to get a digital voice recorder.

Yesterday, I went off to Staples and picked this up…

It works as a voice and music recorder, a radio, and MP3 player, as well as record from your phone and the radio. As well, you can edit. It was $89.88. However, I just saw that the item has a rebate for $40 which starts today!!!!


  • Ultra slim design – just 9.5mm thick
  • Voice-Operated Recording (VOR), MP3/music playback, telephone recording
  • Built-in speaker
  • 4GB records up to 1,125 hours
  • FM radio tuner with the ability to record radio content[!!!!!!!!!]
  • USB compatible
  • Records to MP3, WAV and ACT file formats
  • Includes software CD for file-conversion
  • 1 year limited warranty
    Included in the Box:

  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD
  • Basic Stereo Headphones
  • USB Wall-Outlet Charging Adapter
  • Telephone Recording Cable
  • Telephone Recording Adapter
  • Audio Cable
  • Wired External Microphone
  • Instruction Manual

Happy camper…

This evening, I went to the grocery store to get a few odds and ends.

I trolled by the “exotic fruits” bins in the vain hope that they might have “Dragon Fruit” (Pitahaya). Towards the end of winter, the Loeb store near us started carrying some more unusual fruits like varieties of Passion Fruits and the aforementioned “Dragon Fruit”.

There are a number of varieties of Dragon Fruit. The one the store was carrying was the one which looks like this…

"Dragon Fruit" Pitahaya

"Dragon Fruit" Pitahaya

It is the fruit of a cactus. Unlike the more ubiquitous “Prickly Pear” you often see, the seeds are more like those you find in a Kiwi fruit. In fact the flavour is sort of Kiwi-esque. It is easy to peel. Simply cut in half lengthwise and slip a spoon or even just your thumb between the thick leathery skin, slide it along the length of the fruit and it will pop out the pulp in one go. Slice it and serve.

The one I have been hoping they will get in is the red variety. Looks exactly the same as the one above but it has bright fuchsia flesh inside. Apparently the flavour is incredible.

Red Pitahaya

Red Pitahaya

Recently, Loeb stores across the province began being rebranded as “Metro” stores, having been bought out by the Montreal -based grocery chain, Metro Inc. Today, the Loeb near us opened as a Metro store.

AND… Lo, and Behold! After many weeks of checking, there in the exotic fruits bins were my beloved Dragon Fruit! They were a little droopy but I expect they will tase just fine….

People that burn my butt…

Today, my mother and I went to the Sears store at Carlingwood Shopping Centre to get a new strap for her watch. Unfortunately, despite the fact that her watch is a reasonably well-known make of watch, the shape was unusual and the watch repair kiosk didn’t carry the strap she needed. So, I suggested we simply get Mom a new watch.

So, we toddled off the the watch department (the watch repair kiosk is privately run and the watch department is Sears-run) to look at the watches.

After looking at some of the cases, we waited at the counter to be served.

There was a male clerk serving a customer and a woman doing something at the other end of the counter. We waited for about 3 or 4 minutes before the the female clerk came towards us and I thought she was going to help us. Instead, she evaded our gaze and walked out and down the aisle. I thought she must be on her break.

We waited another 3 or 4 minutes. Then, while Mom stood at the counter, I leaned over to a nearby rack and looked at the watches in the case and when I looked back a mere 6 or so seconds later, the man who had just finished with his customer (who didn’t actually want to buy anything) walked right past my mother and down the aisle.

By now, the woman clerk was back but she was standing in the aisle about 3 feet away, talking to another woman who appeared to be either a friend or a coworker who was there on her own time.

I waited for at least a full two minutes for her to acknowledge us and then finally said “Excuse me…”

Well!!! She turned her head really slowly towards me and glared at me and turned back to her friend and finished her conversation. So I said “Never mind.” and took my mother’s arm and started to walk away. The clerk said “Can I help you?”

I said “Well, I WAS going to buy a watch but obviously it is too much trouble for you to stop your private conversation while customers who have been standing here several minutes wait to be served”.

I then walked down to customer service and made a complaint.

I worked retail for QUITE a number of years. I can understand when a store is busy that customers have to stand and wait. I can understand that people have to go on breaks. I understand seeing a friend and saying hello to them. I can understand waiting on a talkative customer.

I CANNOT understand steadfastly ignoring a customer and failing to say “I will be right with you” or “I am just on my break but XXX will be right with you”.

I cannot understand standing talking to a friend and co-worker while customers, one obviously old and frail stand waiting.

The behaviour of both the clerks was inexcusable and they both lost a guaranteed sale.

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