Shoe Fetish!

I bought a pair of El Naturalistas 2 years ago and was so thrilled with them that I went back a few days later to buy one in every colour… another woman had beat me to it and bought all the pairs in my size. I tried last Spring and they were sold out in my size, again. I went in in the fall and the owner of the store called the supplier… they had none and weren’t going to get more that year. He said “Try in February. that’s when the Spring shoes come in.”

I suddenly remembered and went in this afternoon. They were there!

I bought another pair of red, a burgundy, sand, and a canvas pair, white with printed flowers… I am thinking I should go back and get the mauve pair, too.

My feet are hard to fit. One size different from one to the other, and because I had the right foot stepped on by a work horse when I was a kid. Left is thin and turned in, right is wide and flat. The first pair I bought have lasted beautifully, just a bit scuffed. I now have enough to last a decade or more!

These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

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