New stuff, in brief

Okay, I will post an update in as few words as possible…

Deer ran into my car.


Got a new car. Barcelona Red Metallic Toyota Corolla, 2012…


Quit my job to look after my mother full time.

Managed to post without deleting the fucking thing.


I just spent half an hour writing a post on this fucking laptop and accidentally hit a key (I have no idea what the “magic” key IS) and lost the entire fucking post. AND WordPress didn’t save the damn draft! No wonder I haven’t been posting in months. My PC is fucked and I haven’t been able to get anything loaded on my new PC and I HATE laptop keys. I keep hitting SOMETHING that causes me to go back a page when I don’t want to (why I lost the post earlier) or a key that pops me back up a line or two and I end up typing over what I typed before. In fact, I hate using laptops altogether. HATE!

I have been using my iPhone for everything and just don’t want to bother with the frustration of posting.

A lot has been going on and I really have wanted to share it but I am not even going to bother.

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