Retablos: Judy de Bustamante

This is an amazing photo gallery. I love the works, especially “Mater Dolorosa” which is described by de Bustamante.

“I constructed this image as my interpretation of the Virgen [sic] Dolorosa, which can be found everywhere in Ecuador. The image, of rather questionable aesthetic value, arrived in the country for the first time early in the last century, in the form of three printed reproductions of a French oil painting, and they have been endlessly copied and reproduced ever since in an infinite variety of sizes and image quality.”

Ray and Shawn at Amanda’s Slip

Mom and I went out to see Ray and Shawn (Brown) playing at Amanda’s in Kemptville.

Great show!

Ray did “California Snow” (Tom Russell) which was terrific. I love that song and Ray did a bang-up job on it (despite it being the first time he had played in on stage and having a “wardrobe failure” with his glasses). I was so pleased to hear it. I didn’t video it because I wanted to sit back and enjoy it.

They did a really great instrumental which I DID video.

“Pass the Chutney” (The Sadies)
Photos of Ray and Shawn at Amanda’s

Ken Workman at Amanda’s Slip

I went out to see Ken playing at Amanda’s Slip on Sunday.

It’s the first time I have really had a chance to listen to him solo and he’s great! He CLAIMS to be a bit rusty since he generally plays bass in Harris, Workman, and Smith and the Sun Bleached Skulls.

Here he is playing Steve Earle’s “Tecumseh Valley” (it was an all-Steve Earle set). Sorry about the quality of the sound. My vamera’s sound is crap….

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