Sunny Day

It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day after a (four-day) weekend of mostly crappy, rainy, cold, icky weather. Of course, here I am in the office.
The light is glinting off the Nuclear Pond in the back of our office building. Screamer* was out for morning exercise and we watched the whirlwind of activity from four floors above. There were several accidents, including a hit-and-run involving the purple plastic sedan and the red and yellow Playmobile hatchback. I believe the red and yellow hatchback was at fault but it was the kid in the purple sedan who left the scene of the accident. The little girl in the hatchback had to be whisked in to go potty so she didn’t wait for the police to arrive, either. Perhaps I should drop my business card off so that if one needs to claim on their insurance, I can be a witness.
This is the Nuclear Pond last year at about the same time. It looks pretty much the same today , minus the beach umbrella.

*Screamers: the children from the daycare next to the Nuclear Pond, so named because of the screams which eminate from the playyard. Since we cannot identify which child does the screaming, they are know collectively as “Screamer”.

Broken Hearts

Two dear friends of mine have been “disappointed in love” recently.

While one I didn’t see coming because I never met the man involved, the other I wasn’t entirely surprised about. It is hard to watch someone you care about get hurt when you know you are watching the human equivalent of a very large car crash. All you can do is hope you are wrong and help them pick up all the fragments of their hearts when you were right.

It is all the more difficult when your friend is a long distance away, though is it really any easier when they live across the street? Not really…..

It would be really nice if I had the power to give the men involved a big, hard, swift kick up the ass. In the case of the second one, I really do wish I could partake in a little revenge action. But that would be mean, now, wouldn’t it?

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