James Cowperthwait and Harriett P. Brown.

An interesting couple… It is fairly obvious that Harriett has a very large goiter on her neck.


In doing the family history, I was adding documents, and found a document for James Cowperthwait entitled “U.S. Special Census on Deaf Family Marriages and Hearing Relatives, 1888-1895”. On the form, he states that he was deaf and 4 of his 5 siblings were born deaf.


The Houchins Cornet Band

Distant relations.


“The Houchins Cornet Band” was organized 1896-7, by nine young men, sons of the brothers, Reuben and Clayton M. Houchins. Later on a grandson joined. James F. was leader. Some concerts were given in the spring of 1898 that went more than half way toward paying for the instruments. A snare drum and a fife were added to the equipment. After several of the members had fallen victims to matrimony the organization passed out of existence.


James F. is a newspaper man, a writer of pungency and force, a close student of politics, and a firm advocate of woman’s suffrage. He edited the only journal that has appeared in the Indian Creek valley. His interest in the preparation of this volume [A History of Monroe County, West Virginia] has been most exemplary.

Photo Hunt: Gathered

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Gathered”… The flowers I gathered, myself. The figs were gathered by others… I ate them.







You can find the flower originals here

Photo Hunt: Joy

This week’s Photo Hunt challenge is joy.

The joy comes in finding yet more photos from my childhood, in this case slides. All the photos here were taken when I was about 5 going on 6.

The first is one I don’t recall having seen before, of Mom and me outside our house in Kemptville, before she remarried. It is also a photo full of joy.

The second and third are of me with the cherry (?) tree that we planted in the back of the house. The first must be the Spring before the other. The second, taken of me in my Easter finery. I still remember that day. Someone have me Cream Soda, the pink kind, and I was excited and the soda fizzed up and came out my nose and all over my dress and sweater. I still cannot drink Cream Soda…

The last is of me on the Kemptville Creek with my new skates, probably Christmas Day. The man is our landlord, Mr. Moffatt. The scene behind us hasn’t changed in 50 years. The service station is now a repair shop but that is it.






I tendered my resignation from the Board of Directors, today, citing health reasons which is the case. My blood pressure is sky high and I haven’t been sleeping properly – if at all. As I was typing the first line of this post, my doorbell rang and it was the President of the Board telling me that he wouldn’t accept it for two weeks so if I changed my mind I could rescind my offer. I don’t have to concern myself with Board matters, except where a vote is needed or a cheque to be signed. I am willing to do that. At least the offer is still on the table.

I truly enjoy working with three of the members. They are terrific. Unfortunately, because of an ongoing situation which has meant for stress since the previous Board was elected (of which I was also a member) the stress has built and built. I said that if my health was compromised, it mean that I wasn’t in the best position to care for my mother. She (and my own health) is my primary concern.

So, we shall see how things go in the next few weeks. I don’t suspect that the problem that is causing the stress is going to go away and I suspect it will get more serious (which really is unfortunate because someone will lose in the long-run – not us). I just need to concentrate on my own health and that of my mother’s.

I feel a LOT better now that I put it on the table and hope that things resolve. I just can’t put myself through much more.

Spring Ahead…

‘Tis the season for the clocks to be turned 1 hour ahead.



WHY will WordPress not allow me to put in line spaces????

I keep putting them in but they disappear. Frack!

This is really annoying. The only way I can make a new paragraph is by adding in a — between the lines I want an extra line between!

Okay…. Now, after 35 tires, the paragraphs I wanted appear (on my previous post… not here…). I did nothing different. WTF?

Spam, spam, spam…

In the last 24 hours, I got about 50 spam messages. For the next while, I have to moderate all comments… sorry…

Just because…

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