I posted the other day about how I’d been fiddling around with a homemade macro lens for my iPhone and creating some interesting shots. My friend Az left a comment about the the Ōlloclip lenses for iPhone so I thought I should check them out.

There are a range of lenses for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, wide-angle, fish-eye, telephoto, and macro. After mulling it over I decided to order the 4-in-1 (fish-eye, telephoto, and 10x and 15x macro lenses) for iPhone 4 and iPod touch.


These were the first photos. I have to do a bit more fiddling but I am pleased with the results, so far.


As a matter of fact, I am thinking of ordering the Macro 3-in-1 (7x, 14x, and 21x) IF it works on the 4… (It’s for the 5). I have to find out.


Reworked Florals

IMG_3329Queen Anne’s LaceIMG_2620GrassesIMG_2634Columbine

IMG_2639Morning GloryIMG_2654Columbine

Some older photographs I have reworked using a number of iPhone and iPad apps.

The Queen Anne’s Lace image reminds me of old tintypes.

I love the coloured ones because they have a very retro look. They remind me of old Technicolor postcards.

Home-made iPhone Macro Lens

After reading a few posts about using the lens from a laser-pointer to make a macro lens for your iPhone, I decided to try it out. I took the lens out of the pointer, used a medium-sized paperclip to hold the lens, and placed the paperclip between my Roots case and my phone the lens can then be adjusted over the phone’s lens. Hey! Presto! A macro lens.

I would like to build the larger microscope but I am carpentry-challenged, so may have to have someone do that for me.

I have done a little experimenting and here are a few of the resulting images.


IMG_3494Macro of one of my polymer brooches

I’ve really latched onto the bright colours, courtesy of the Mextures iPhone app.


A new takes on a few older photos… 

Photo Hunt: Circular

This week’s Photo Hunt challenge is Circular.

Rings are circular

At a Powwow, the dancers dance in a circular pattern.

Photo Hunt: Bling

Some recent “Bling” purchased at a “Bling Party”. A friend buys old, antique, and vintage jewelry and has parties where she sells them. Lots of fun and terribly dangerous for the likes of me!

Photo Hunt: Lights

I haven’t posted anything in a while for the Photo Hunt challenge. This is the first in weeks and weeks.

Can you guess what the lights are?

Did you guess?

These are those little LED lights that you get in Las Vegas. I turned out the lights and photographed them while shaking them in my hand.

Old photos

I finally found some old photos of Mom, taken about 1936-1938 or so. She’d be 12 or 14 or so.

At first she couldn’t identify the location. However, after I showed her the photo on my iPhone and could enlarge them for her, she readily identified the location as “a botanical garden in Lincolnshire”. In looking for a likely place, I found that Lincoln has an arboretum and photos seem to indicate that the pond she is kneeling at, minus the flowers, are a match with the one at the arboretum. Gone are the gardens, sadly.



Photo Hunt: Two

This week’s Photo Hunt challenge was “Two”… Just us two, me and my dolly, Susan. I was about 4, I think.


I should mention that the front of her hair really is cut off. I overheard people say that hair grows back faster if it is cut (probably in discussions over the hideous haircut and perm you see on my head in this photo). I thought this applied to dolls’ hair, as well and clearly recall “trimming” her bangs in hopes of making it grow. I can also remember clearly the smell of her hair and the smell after it was washed it with baby shampoo., and the texture of her hair…

Photo hunt: Waiting

I try to  avoid waiting for anything but it is inevitable. When I am waiting, I often haul out my camera or my phone and just snap away.

I spend a lot of time waiting at the chiropractor’s office and often get caught up watching the patterns that the vertical blinds make on the walls and windows. Interesting how different the same image looks in colour as opposed to black and white.

One of the few times I enjoy waiting is when it is for a train to pass. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often enough, these days. With the freight trains, these days, it can take several minutes to go by. Here is one of the railway crossings. The barriers look very much like ET, don’t they?

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