Photo Hunt: Fuzzy

Oh… And Happy New Year!

When I bought my original Canon digital point-and-shoot camera, I loved it. However, about 2 years later I was finding the photos just weren’t as sharp as when I first bought the camera and the resolution was disappointing. I attributed it to the fact that I had accidentally dropped my camera on the metal frame of my bed and had to send it in to be repaired. So I finally went out and bought a newer version of the same make and model. Again, I was so pleased with the clarity of the shots. However, within about 2 years, I was getting those disappointing shots with poor resolution. The only way I could get a clear shot was if I tipped the camera on its back… And while I DO happen to take a lot of shots that way — shots pointing up from the underside of roadside weeds — the fact is that is is somewhat limiting.

My problem for so long was that Digital SLR cameras took a lot longer to get view-screens that were either big enough or you could use WHILE shooting. Due to my diminishing eyesight and loss of clear field of vision (I have floaters and posterior vitreous detachment which hamper my ability to see clearly, especially in my left eye which is my dominant eye) I need a large view-screen and find using the viewfinder impossible.

Now, however, digital SLRs have come out that make things a LOT easier for me — large view screens, screens that rotate(!), screens that stay on while you shoot(!). I finally went out and bought myself a little Christmas present and fuzzy images like these…

Queen Anne's Lace (in seed). Fuzzy x2!

Queen Anne's Lace

will be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, because of the Christmas rush and the truly crappy weather, I haven’t had a chance to get out and USE my new camera!

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