Photo Hunt: Trees

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Trees”. The trees, here in Ottawa, are only just coming into bud. It will be a while before we see leaves on them, and then blossoms. Much as IK don’t want to think of snow for another few seasons, I have chosen a couple of photos from a number of years ago — one before the snow fell and one after.

The first is along the route we often take home from Fellowship on Sundays or sometimes when I pick something up from work and we “take the scenic route” home.


The second was taken from the front stoop of our previous house. Unfortunately, the cedar, which provided a wind-break from wind that whistled down between our old house and the row we now live in, was cut down a few years ago. It was always lovely in winter, as well as kept our walkway and stoop SOMEWHAT freer from snowdrifts..



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