This afternoon, on the way back from our chiropractor’s appointments, we were rear-ended in our car.

We had just gone through the intersection and were stopped in a line of cars. The line started moving but someone forced themselves into the left-hand land from the merge lane, I think, and the traffic came to an abrupt halt. The guy in front of me stopped and I had just started moving after having been stopped about 3/4 of a car length from him. I stopped about 2/3 of a car length behind him and looked in my rear-view mirror (like a good graduate of Young Driver’s of Canada) and could see that the woman behind us was coming up fast behind me. I took my foot off the brake and moved up as quickly and as close to the guy in front (there were cars in the merge lane to my right). However, the woman behind just wasn’t able to stop. She slammed into me and I hit the guy in front of me.

There was hardly any damage to the guy in front, a little bumper disarray. My car suffered a little minor damage to the front and rear bumpers but nothing I am bothering to report to my insurance company. It isn’t even worth doing anything about the bumpers. The woman who hit me had some moderate damage to her bumper and hood. It was a Hundai Tucson SUV so it was larger, heavier and had more exposed metal to get damaged.

More to the point, there was no damage to my Mom who was in the passenger seat. Had I swerved into the right lane, she would probably have been injured. I, however, and sore all over. My back, neck, left arm and shoulders, hip, right knee and right ankle, ribs…. are all pretty sore. I even have a welt on my scalp that I just discovered. I was checked over by the paramedics on the scene, just in case but I decided not to go to the hospital. They said I would probably get increasingly sore over the next few hours. So far, it’s nothing that a few painkillers and some bed rest won’t cure.


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