Photo Hunt: Gathered

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Gathered”… The flowers I gathered, myself. The figs were gathered by others… I ate them.







You can find the flower originals here

Photo Hunt: Missed

The first three photos weren’t taken by me. In fact, I am in them. They were taken just after my Mom and Dad (step-Dad) were married.

They definitely qualify in several ways… The photographer “missed” the cat. I “miss” those days… and My Dad is “missed”. He died in 1988, a month to the day after my birth father. I miss him still.

I’m on the left in this photo. My step-sister and step-brother are the other kids. Skimmie the cat and Rajah the dog.

NOTE: Blogger is down. She’s using her WordPress blog.

My Dad and my brother during a birthday party. I’m not sure whose birthday. Possibly my sister’s. My Dad at his best. Enjoying a joke (probably his own and probably REALLY, REALLY bad). One of the few without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

The earliest photo of my Dad, on the right, at age 2 with his sisters, Amy and Mehru. Probably his birthday photos.

And doing what he liked best, aside from working. On one of my birthdays, in Luskville, Quebec.

Photo Hunt: “Digital”

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Digital”. Since just about everything I do artistically these days involves some sort of digital manipulation, It is an easy enough theme to come up with something…

Recently, I have started a little series based on photos from, called “The Twilight World of Shorpyville“.  I’ve been manipulated the historic images from (You MUST visit the site regularly!) to create the alternate world of “Shorpyville”

"Upper Manhattan - Chemical Night"

"Hotel Tuller - Damn Hippies Killed the Tuller"

 Then, there is my much older “Alter Egos” series, where I “become” figures in works of art. (As you can tell, the subject of Judith and Holofernes/Holophrenes is a particular favourite).

 “Judith and Holofernes”

"Judith, Holophrenes.... and Dame Edna"


Photo Hunt: Trees

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Trees”. The trees, here in Ottawa, are only just coming into bud. It will be a while before we see leaves on them, and then blossoms. Much as IK don’t want to think of snow for another few seasons, I have chosen a couple of photos from a number of years ago — one before the snow fell and one after.

The first is along the route we often take home from Fellowship on Sundays or sometimes when I pick something up from work and we “take the scenic route” home.


The second was taken from the front stoop of our previous house. Unfortunately, the cedar, which provided a wind-break from wind that whistled down between our old house and the row we now live in, was cut down a few years ago. It was always lovely in winter, as well as kept our walkway and stoop SOMEWHAT freer from snowdrifts..



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