Bang head here….

So…. yesterday, a technician (Jergen) turned up to fix my internet which was suddenly not working…. Not only did he fix it, he added a dedicated line directly to my computer and one for my office phone which significantly speeds up my internet service but also means that I don’t have to add DSL line filters to all of my phones, TV, etc. I was very pleased. Not only was he very good, he was very personable but very fast and very nice. Internet is working fine…. Apparently, the reason the internet service was interrupted was because when the initial guy came last week and hooked up my FIBE service (fibre-optic) he hooked the fibre service to the copper line and when someone came out to unhook the copper service, they simply unhooked it thinking I was hooked to the fibre-optic line… I wasn’t.

Later in the day, I went to make a phone call. My office phone isn’t working. Since the other phones in the house are working, I reasoned that the new jack was the problem. Apparently, there is a problem in connecting my phone to the jack. Jergen did a great job in not only reconnecting me but also in ensuring my internet service would be faster and more reliable…. But, since he’s an internet tech, he made a tiny mistake and didn’t make sure the phone line was working. I called Bell, again, and made an appointment for this morning for a technician to come and fix the jack. During the afternoon, I was out with my niece and Mom took a call from Bell. Since she has Alzheimer’s she couldn’t recall what they said, just that they had called. This morning the technician didn’t show up.

I called Bell and was told that someone down at Bell had “checked my line and seen it was working” so they cancelled the call….

So…. I had to make ANOTHER appointment for tomorrow for a technician to come in and fix the office phone. I am afraid to go out in case they try the line again and find “it’s working” so cancel the call a second time.

This after stating to numerous people that Bell has always been great in ensuring fast and reliable service. I know this is a frustrating hiccup but just a hiccup.

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