Photo Hunt: Missed

The first three photos weren’t taken by me. In fact, I am in them. They were taken just after my Mom and Dad (step-Dad) were married.

They definitely qualify in several ways… The photographer “missed” the cat. I “miss” those days… and My Dad is “missed”. He died in 1988, a month to the day after my birth father. I miss him still.

I’m on the left in this photo. My step-sister and step-brother are the other kids. Skimmie the cat and Rajah the dog.

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My Dad and my brother during a birthday party. I’m not sure whose birthday. Possibly my sister’s. My Dad at his best. Enjoying a joke (probably his own and probably REALLY, REALLY bad). One of the few without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

The earliest photo of my Dad, on the right, at age 2 with his sisters, Amy and Mehru. Probably his birthday photos.

And doing what he liked best, aside from working. On one of my birthdays, in Luskville, Quebec.

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