Perchance to dream… of riding camels?

Yes… to dream of riding camels…

Last night my sister reminded me about Calcium/Magnesium. Menopausal women often experience insomnia (My Mom did, often falling asleep during the day but tossing and turning at night.) and they recommend Calcium/Magnesium before bed. So, I took two 173 mg. Calcium / 100 mg. Magnesium tabs and two of the Melatonin tabs and slept like a very large log until I was kindly wakened at 3am by my cellphone beeping to tell me that I need to plug it in… and again at 7am. In between, I slept solidly and had a dream which involved riding a HUGE camel through a city. Not sure which city. Matters not. The camel was gigantic, as big as an elephant, very soft and very comfortable. A little scary when he and I were perched on top of a bus and a train but otherwise… very comfy ride. I’d do it again. Oh. and it WAS a bit crowded when we were in someone’s living room, of course.

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