Rough Aunties

Last night I watched the tail end of documentary on TV, called “Rough Aunties“.  The “Rough Aunties” are a group of women in South Africa dedicated to protecting, rescuing and advocating on behalf of children who have been infected with HIV/AIDS, most often because of rape. Their organization, Bobbi Bear, also provides prophylactic medications to children who have been raped to prevent the inevitable appearance of the virus, educates and provides advocacy on HIV/AIDS issues, and assisting in training Child Safety officers within the communities.

  • one in every four girls faces the prospect of being raped by her sixteenth birthday
  • every day in South Africa, at least 50 children become victims of rape
  • reported cases of child sexual abuse have increased by 400% in the past 8 – 9 years
  • in KwaZulu-Natal it is estimated that 51% of adults between 16 and 45 years are HIV+. Since this is the perpetrator age group for sexual abuse, child victims are at risk of contracting HIV

I was so moved by the documentary that I donated (donations can be made the UK via The RISE Foundation, the in the UK, US and Canada via Keep A Child Alive, and in South Africa through various methods). They also accept volunteers.

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