Technology epiphany

We’re so used fitting technological innovations into our lives that, sometimes, we don’t even take a moment to think about just what a jump we’ve made.

I had a “technology epiphany” a short time ago when i was watching a video on my iPhone and had to get up to go to the bathroom. Rather than pause the video, I took the iPhone with me. Suddenly, I realized what a jump this is. Being able to walk around watching a video… I’d watched a video while sitting on the bus but I didn’t even think about the import of it. I suppose that the first time I carried the handset for the phone into another room rather than being forced to sit three feet from the phone or even just being able to carry the phone as far as the cord attached to the wall allowed must have felt pretty cool but I don’t recall being this aware of the momentousness of it.

My mother and I often think how fascinated my grandfather would have been with modern technology. He was the first person in the village to have a “wireless” installed in his house. I imagine that, to him, being able to walk from room to room with a phone that plays videos would be akin to walking on the moon!

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Photo Hunt: One

For quite some time, I have been lamenting the fact that I have 1) far too many USB plugs to actually plug into  my computer and 2) have to fight to plug and unplug all those plug into the back of my computer. At one point, I bought a small USB hub which has 4 outlets. It has the most annoying bulky plug which not only takes up another USB port, but it also blocks another port when it is plugged in, As well, if I plug in my two external drives, they compete and won’t run at the same time.  Since every new piece if hardware has yet another USB plug and I officially ran out of outlets today, I knew I needed another USB hub. I searched all over the Staples store and finally found two different hubs. One had 4 ports and the other 7. I bought the 7 outlet hub.

Imagine my delight at finding that, not only does it have enough ports, but it also has an extra long USB cord! That means I don’t have to remove everything from my desk in order to turn the tower around to plug anything new in. It sits at the front of my desk and I just have to reach over and plug it in! Since it also has two outlets on the top, it means I can also plug in the old 4-slot hub into it without blocking another port and runs another 4 USB connections from IT! There is still a wild tangle of cords on my desk, but at least it means that I now have the capacity to plug in 10 devices from the ONE slot in the back — 13 in total from the ONE computer!

Holy Flaming Tractors, Batman, Redux….

I received a response from Consumer Product Safety, Health Canada about my reporting of the novelty lighters (as per yesterday’s posting “Holy Flaming Tractor’s Batman!“).

Lighters are subject to requirements under the Lighters Regulations. Some of the requirements do include labelling, performance and child resistance requirements. However, the child resistance requirements do not apply to all lighters. Lighters exempted from this requirement is determined by their import value at time of importation. Importers of lighters do have certain obligations to ensure that they are able to provide our Department with documentation showing that specific designs of lighter ignition mechanisms are in fact child resistant. This documentation which we may request from an importer is based on a test group of 100 children of a specific age group having tested surrogate lighters (not with fuel) with specific designed ignition mechanisms – at least 85% of this test group of children must not be able to cause ignition of the surrogate lighters. Therefore, we cannot rely on what we as adults may think what is child-resistant, or not ,based on our abilities to cause ignition of the lighter.

I should also mention that unfortunately the current Canadian requirements do not address the fact that these lighters were designed as cars and trucks which may appeal to a young child to play with.

We would however be interested in receiving additional information with respect to the lighters that you noticed at this specific store as we would like to enter this information into our complaint/incident database for reference and further follow up with the company responsible for the XXXX stores*.

I was provided a list of questions which I will address later. Hopefully, we can get these things pulled from the shelves.

*[Note: I am keeping Mum on the store until I get a chance to get another look at the items]

New Toy…

Well, less a “toy” than a necessary computer accessory.

Price Club/Costco had a range of the Western Digital external and portable hard drives available and I got my sister to pick up a portable one for me. The Passport Elite has a range of storage capacity versions from 250 gb to 500 gb. I got the 320 gb one for $119.00 CDN.  It is about the size of a pocket notebook and uses a USB cable (which is the same type as I need for my Bamboo Tablet and my digital camera. It comes with a USB cable but it is really too short to hook to my own computer but it is handy for when I have to take stuff to and from work. It also comes with a carrying case.

I transferred all my photos and videos I currently have stored on my internal hard-drive, plus all my music and have something like 318 gbs free. That means I should be able to download many of the photos I have stored on Fotki.

As an added bonus for people who have a laptop as well as desktop, it comes with software which allows you to sync all your programs you need and automatically update everything. It also allows you to manage and store your Outlook email from anywhere. Since everything is stored on the encrypted drive, nothing is actually shared if, for instance, you have to use an internet cafe somewhere

WD Sync™ synchronization and encryption software lets you take your critical data with you. Plug My Passport into any PC, edit files, read e-mail, and view photos. Then sync all of your changes back to your home or office computer. Your data is protected with 128-bit encryption. (Windows only)

For the desktop versions, you can snazz them up using a variety of custom skins.

Passport Elite 250 gb external hard drive

Passport Elite 250 gb external hard drive

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