Elmdale House TA friend bought me this T for my birthday and I love it but haven’t actually worn it because it is too small (this was the lest horrifying photo of me in it). It is for my favourite tavern, The Elmdale House Tavern. I want to trade it in for a larger size but so far, they haven’t had any new stock in….

The Elmdale is where I like to drink my Beau’s Lug*Tread which is the beer which a previous T-Shirt Friday selection immortalizes.

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T-Shirt Friday

I finally located my latest favourite T-Shirt…

Ken Workman and The Union

Ken Workman and The Union

Ken Workman is a friend whose music I love…


Ken (photo by me)

Ken Workman and The Union

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T-Shirt Friday…. Repost

This is a repost of something I posted earlier in the month. However, since this is T-Shirt Friday I HAVE to post it again!

My “new” shirt, and a favourite, already.

My Lug*Tread T

My Lug*Tread T

Beau's "Lug*Tred" Lagered Ale

Beau's "Lug*Tred" Lagered Ale

Favorite Tee, favorite beer….

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t-shirt friday

This is one of the few t-shirts I wear with something written on it. I have some others but don’t wear them. Fat people, especially women with a large “verandah”, just can’t carry off a shirt with writing all over it.

I bought the shirt at the last Fred Eaglesmith show I went to. It’s for his song “White Rose” which laments the passing of the old White Rose filling stations. Toby Keith (spit… spit…) covered the song (not well) and a lot of people think the song was written by him… Why an American “spandex country” singer would write a song about the demise of a chain of Canadian gas stations, is something I guess they don’t wonder.

I am hoping to head off to Vankleek Hill on Sunday and see about getting a Beau’s Lug*Tread shirt.

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