A little help, here?

I have a favour to ask. I want to post an image from my “Twilight World of Shorpyville” to the Shorpy website.

What I need to know is what you think the title should be. The original is “The Corridor, 1898” and which you prefer. Click on the images to a link to the hi-res image.

Chat du jour

Mademoiselle Fifi (or Mlle. Paree)

via Shorpy

Mademoiselle Fifi was the chat du John Moisant who flew the English Channel. She flew with him (and his mechanic), being the first cat to cross the Channel by plane, I understand.

He later died in a crash near New Orleans. From what I can tell, Mademoiselle Fifi is dressed up for the funeral. I haven’t been able to confirm this but it looks that way, anyway. What a lovely kitty kat!

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