WTFDC’s: Show me yours and I’ll show you mine… Stillhet/Peaceful

As I made a mistake and linked to this weekly challenge, I thought it only fair that I produce something…

What you cannot get from the image is the sound and smell and warmth of the day… It was so lovely that we hated to leave. However, as I was parked on the narrowest two-rut road EVER and was blocking it, eventually we had to move along to other sights… While it cannot convey the smell and warmth, I include the video I took at the same time… You can look at the photo and listen to the sounds… This is in the heart of the Larose Forest Conservation Area.

Peaceful: Larose Forest

Peaceful: Larose Forest

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PhotoHunter: Thankful

Only those who know me very intimately know why the Blue Heron is representative of something for which I am thankful.

In 2000, I went through a life-altering experience. I might have… I WOULD have… died had it not been for a brief encounter with a Great Blue Heron. I don’t believe in God or in divine intervention. I believe, instead that I CHOSE to take one path and not another and, while my intended path and my chosen path were intended to lead ultimately to the same place, the chosen one took me to a different place.

I think of the encounter not as “intervention” but in Serendipity. It happened because it happened but I am thankful that it did.

The Heron was an unintended guide… not unlike the chance meeting with someone who, unwittingly, inspires within you a change… a path taken or not taken.

I am thankful to myself for listening to “that small, still voice”. I am grateful to myself for choosing to see beauty where I might have passed by without looking. I am thankful to the beauty and wonder of the place we inhabit. I am thankful for the Heron for being in that one place and for that chance meeting.

The lesson is to not to look at the world around us but to SEE it. We never know where we will come upon a lesson, a guide, a salvation.

My Blue Heron Tattoo (solarized)

My Blue Heron Tattoo (solarized)


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