PhotoHunter: Sports (and Pet Pride)

A new Feline Olympic sport (demonstration, only)… Speed Flower destruction…




Pet Pride: Roxie



Roxie belonged to Julia, my friend’s daughter, and was a Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster…. This photo was taken by Julia so isn’t my photo but I just love it.

Roxie had so much personality and spent hours racing around the living room in her little travelling ball.

Roxie, sadly, went the way of all hamsters, despite a much longer life than most.

I am sublitting this either late or early for Pet Pride.

Pet Pride: R.I.P. Maple…



My brother called me to tell me that his family’s beloved friend, Maple, died, today. She was 13 years old and had just had surgery to remove a large cyst on her side. The vet called and told them they should take her home. Once home, she died. My brother tried mouth-to-mouth but it didn’t work. Poor Maple….

She was a Boxer/Mastiff mix. Because her tail had never been cropped, she could clear a table when she was happy which was a lot of the time. She would bully you into letting her onto the couch when she knew she wasn’t supposed to be there. I used to warm my toes after swimming by tucking them into her soft, warm underbelly. She never seemed to mind.

She will be greatly missed….

Pet Pride Meme: “Lukie in the Sky with Diamonds”

In anticipation of this week’s Pet Pride meme, I present a photo sent to me by my dear friend, Bob.


"Lukie in the Sky with Diamonds"

His niece, Emma, who was 11 at the time, painted this when she found out his dog, Luke (or “Lukie Bookie”, or “Bookles”, or “Wookie”) had died. What you can’t see in the photo too clearly is that there are shiny spots which are glass beads glued to the surface.

She is now attending the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design… No wonder, eh? That girl has talent.

Pet Pride Meme…

Magiceye as cunningly devised yet another MeMe to keep me on The Internets for FAR TOO LONG…. When wil it END???!!!

The Pet Pride Meme.

Bufficus Schmufficus. My friend Krys' cat Buffy. (her photo)

Bufficus Schmufficus. My friend Krys' cat, Buffy. (Krys' photo)

Buffy, by the way, has extra toes. She is all thumbs! Sadly, none are opposable…

I’m thinking I may have to start another blog just for the Memes…

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