My Pandora

This is my Pandora bracelet, as it looks at the moment.

The one on the left that looks sort of like an old-fashioned radio is the 100th Anniversary of the Princess and the Pea charm. It was always my favourite fairy tale.

I am waiting for this charm from my friend, Bob. It’s in the mail!

New Charm… and one lost :(

My dear friend, Bob, sent me a charm for my Pandora bracelet and it arrived, today.Curly beadUnfortunately, I appear to have lost one of the spacers. It would only have been lost when I took the bracelet off in the living room to rearrange the beads or in the bathroom when I was going to wash my hair. One fell on the floor in the bathroom but I picked it up right away but where the other one is…. At least it wasn’t one of the beads

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

My sister gave em a Pandora charm bracelet for Christmas. I hadn’t heard of them before and never had a charm bracelet when I was growing up so it was new to me.

When I was in Pickering/Toronto over the New Year holiday, I kept hoping to get out and buy myself a charm or two to go on it (Mom’s Christmas present was to go out and buy myself something). However, going ANYWHERE in the area of Toronto entails a LOT of driving and none of the malls near where I was had a store that sells them. I ended up having to wait until yesterday to pick some up.

I bought 4 plus a number of “spacers”. Since the charms slide on the bracelet rather than clip to it, I will have to get some clips to hold them in place, in the section.

My friend, Bob, has bought me one, as well, which is on its way to me.

My bracelet so far...

There appear to be plenty of knock-off charms around but there are a number of authorized dealers that you can buy online from. The biggest in Canada is apparently Posh.

There are Muran glass ones (like the green one on my bracelet), animals (I bought a hedgehog), inlaid ones (the flower/moonstone one), and dangly ones (like the one at the right). There are also ones with enamel inlay, gemstones, gold ($$$), and wood inlaid ones.

My niece has a Pandora one, as well as a Thomas Sabo one. The Thomas Sabos clip onto a chain and are more like the traditional charms I remember from my childhood. They have a wide range of designs but while there are many I like, a lot of them are more “girly” than I would want. They appear to have only one style of chain to select from, as well. The Pandora ones have gold, silver, and a leather one.

You can make a wish list and list the opes you have but so far I haven’t discovered how to share the list.

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