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Pope Tells Clergy in Angola to Work Against Belief in Witchcraft

Pope Benedict XVI, nearing the end of his first pilgrimage to Africa, on Saturday told priests and nuns of their duty to divert their fellow Angolans from malign beliefs in witchcraft and sorcery.

Yes, I understand that the sort of witchcraft practiced in Africa causes the deaths of innocent men, women and children in sactifices and every effort should be made to stamp out these practices which take advantage of the gullble. However, when this comes from the head of a church which, itself, pushes practices which also cause the death of innocent, gullible people, it is a bit much to take.

Especially given the gob-smacking statements from the Pope that the use of condoms “increases the problem of AIDs”.

“You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms…. “On the contrary, it increases the problem.”

Really!? I would be interested to what, with his vast medical knowledge and expertise on HIV/AIDs, he bases that porker on. The fact is that using condoms is better than no protection at all. On one hand, he condemns witchcraft which takes advantage of the uneducated and gullible and, on the other, does exactly the same thing by mandating backward and dangerous preactices to the very same people.

Meanwhile, priests and nuns actually working with AID’s patients in Africa question the Church’s stance on the use of condoms.

The Church’s stance that people should “just abstain” is simply offensive to women who have little or no control over what their husbands do outside the home, or when women contract HIV during birth, as happens all to often in Africa. To suggest that people should simply refrain from what is a natural and vital part of life… or risk death is criminal.

To suggest that condoms are “no protection” from HIV/AIDs to people whose lives depend on protecting themselves is assinine and criminal.

Meanwhile, while he delivers his ridiculous rhetoric, whole families of children orphaned by HIV/AIDs are forced to fend for themselves, including selling their bodies on the streets, thus increasing the already horrifying numbers of thise stricken with the disease.

Those who have the luxury of being able to choose to follow the teachings of the Catholic church are free to do so but they should not condemn those who must do what they have to do to protect themselves and they should allow the, to freely choose how they wish to live.

Thankfully, Obama has reversed the US’ former restrictions on funding programs which promote the use of condoms. Thank God for that.

‘The District’ | Ep. 1 | ‘The Challenges We Face … ‘

THE DISTRICT is a funny spoof of MTV’s faux reality series The City. The City is about a rich California girl Whitney Port who moves to MYC to work in fashion. The District is about a Chicago senator Barack Obama who moves to Washington DC to work at the White House. (Volume 2 and 3 are also available on the Newsweek website)

The District is followed by Oscar Round Table with Frank Langella, (Droolllll… still hot after all these years!) Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway, Sally Hawkins, Brad Pitt, and  Mickey Rourke…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

New mother at 60? Henry is a father at 111!

Considered “past his prime” by all that knew him, Henry found new vigour after having recently had a tumour removed from his bottom. Previously, he showed no interest in females (yeah, well, with a tumour on YOUR butt…) but recently he and 80 year-old Mildred became the proud parents of 11 offspring.

Henry, isn’t your average post-centenarian, needless to say.

In fact, Henry is a Tuatara, a lizard from New Zealand. Tuatara are the last remaining members of a species of dinosaur, a “living fossil”.

The babies, like all babies, are cute as buttons.



In a related (sort of) story…

A university has apologised to a graduate student after his unique collection of lizard excrement was thrown away by mistake.

Daniel Bennett had been studying the rare Butaan lizard for more than five years in the Philippines and was working towards a doctorate.

He had built up a collection of faeces samples which were stored at Leeds University.

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