T-Shirt Friday

I finally located my latest favourite T-Shirt…

Ken Workman and The Union

Ken Workman and The Union

Ken Workman is a friend whose music I love…


Ken (photo by me)

Ken Workman and The Union

Other T-shirts:



70s Teen



t-shirt friday

This is one of the few t-shirts I wear with something written on it. I have some others but don’t wear them. Fat people, especially women with a large “verandah”, just can’t carry off a shirt with writing all over it.

I bought the shirt at the last Fred Eaglesmith show I went to. It’s for his song “White Rose” which laments the passing of the old White Rose filling stations. Toby Keith (spit… spit…) covered the song (not well) and a lot of people think the song was written by him… Why an American “spandex country” singer would write a song about the demise of a chain of Canadian gas stations, is something I guess they don’t wonder.

I am hoping to head off to Vankleek Hill on Sunday and see about getting a Beau’s Lug*Tread shirt.

Other participants are:




What’s on your desktop?

My dear friend, az, posted hers. Mine looks like this…Desktop

I always go for a black background because my eyes are bothered by too much white on the computer screen. I opt for a bold but not too bright image for the desktop and have several different images which I use on my office and government desktops (office .. gov’t). The images are always my own photos.

I don’t like too much clutter so I keep a limited number of icons out where I use them and the rest are in folders where I know where to find them, divided by type… Sight, for photo and video editing software, and sound for… well, anything to do with sound. I see a couple of icons I should relocate into folders. I keep the icons along the sides of the screen because, again, I don’t like clutter… at least on my screens. My work icons are on the right of the screen.

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