Biopsy Results

My doctor called just now and told me the results of my biopsy. Apparently, there were no abnormalities!

I now have to go for yearly mammograms instead of bi-annual.

My advice? When your doctor tells you do get your bits and pieces tested… GET YOUR BITS AND PIECES TESTED!

“for further tests”

I have an appointment on Wednesday “for further tests” after my mammogram.

Mammogram: Shit.

I had my mammogram today. It wasn’t as bad as it had been in the past.

However, as I am far too inquisitive for my  own good and because the machine that develops the mammograms was right outside the cubicle I was sitting in waiting for the technologist to tell me if she needed to redo any scans… I peeked as she was looking at them.

The one I got a really good look at had a pencil-eraser-sized white blob in the middle of it.

I won’t know for a week what that means but I am imagining it can’t be “okay”.


Like having had a Mac truck parked on your tits.

In case you are wondering… that is what having a mammogram feels like. Mine is scheduled for next week.

And, lest you be unaware of this fact, men DO have mammograms. And they are done in exactly the same manner as those that women have.


Am I complaining about having one scheduled for next week?


I am just really, really, really glad to be female.

P.S. I love how all the illustrations show a smiling nurse helping a smiling woman flop them out on a flat surface while, instead of what it REALLY looks like… a surly nurse squashing them as flat as they will squash in the machine…. and then squashing them even more…. while you are standing on tiptoes… twisted at the hips… while being told off by the nurse because you moved….

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