People that burn my butt….

Today, while driving home in rush-hour traffic, I notice that the guy in front of me is driving slightly erratically. He isn’t “all over the road” but he is sort of wandering in the lane. I notice that he has his hand on the side mirror. Then I think… “Gee… he has a really odd shaped hand!”

A second or so later, I see why his “hand” looks odd. It isn’t his hand at all. It is his foot!

This brainiac is driving with his left foot extended out the driver’s side window and is resting his ankle on the side mirror. Meanwhile, his left arm joins his left leg in dangling out the car window and he drives with one hand, longing nearly horizontal with his seat tipped back. Not only is he weaving ever so slightly, he enters into the hectic traffic on Baseline Road cutting into the left lane of traffic with inches to spare.

And! It wasn’t like this was some teenager, either. I would say he was in his mid-late 30s!

Not that this is the first time I have seen someone do this.

About 2 years ago, when my ex and I were driving down to Brantford and were on the 403, we saw someone else practicing this singularly idiotic, brainless, and highly unsafe driving “technique”.

In that case, we were in the centre lane and this moron overtook us, cut us off and proceeded across the next lane of traffic, again cutting cars off, drove straight into the off-ramp lane, again cutting cars off and drove at twice the speed-limit up the ramp… all with his left leg, in a cast, pointing straight out the window. He had friends with him. I guess his friends were equally stupid to not just not stop him from doing this but willing to be passengers in his car.

Of course, if they were in an accident, their insurance would be null and void, and if they killed someone, they would be in for some extra penalties.

Meanwhile, I guess they, like the people shown in the following examples gleaned from the internet proudly displaying their disregard for human life, they think they are just the coolest thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately, the police seemed to have better things to do when I called about this moron.

“Yeah bored again so I decided to drive with my leg out the window.” Read: “I am a fucking moron”

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"I am an accident waiting to happen"

"I am an accident waiting to happen"

"Stupid is as Stupid does!"

"Stupid is as Stupid does!"

Drunk Driver…

Mom and I had “adventures” today.

On the way to take her for church, we were driving along Maitland to the Queensway when this guy zipped past us going WELL over the limit (probably between 75 and 80 km/ph in a 50 km/ph zone). He swerved almost into my lane.

Two blocks later, he swerved right up on the curb and almost jumped a snowbank, splashing the only pedestrian for a mile around. Had he jumped the snowbank, he would have killed the pedestrian. Then he veered into the left lane. A bit later, he veered back onto the curb, nearly  jumping another snowbank. He wandered back and forth across the lanes for the entire time.

By then I was pretty convinced that he was drunk so I got out my phone. I dialed 911 when he entered the on-ramp for the Queensway. He was swerving back and forth between the three fast lanes, sometimes signaling and sometimes not — cutting cars off and speeding well over the limit. Meanwhile, I was on the phone talking to the OPP dispatcher.

I hadn’t yet got his license plate and he was well ahead of me. Finally, at Parkdale, I caught up to him… the last time I looked at my speedometer, I was going just over 140 km/ph and STILL hadn’t quite caught up to him… I got his license relayed it to the dispatcher and dropped back to 100. He sped on.

We headed across to the 174 but when we hit Lees Avenue, the traffic suddenly came to an almost complete halt.

My “Spidey Sense” told me that there was an accident and that in all likelihood he was either in it or the cause of it… I pulled out my phone again and called 911 again and was just speaking with the OPP dispatcher, again when I started seeing debris… Sure enough… there was an accident and guess who was in it…

As a matter of fact, he was the only car in it. He had lost control and hit the left median cement barrier, careened across 4 lanes and hit the snowbank (luckily, instead of going over the cement barrier into the Rideau River) before coming to a stop in lane 3 (second from the right). There was another driver who had witnessed the accident and he was talking to him. I got out and talked to the driver who had witnessed it and I asked if the other driver was okay… “He isn’t injured but he’s drunk…”

Between the time I made the first call to the OPP and the time I made the second call was a TOTAL of 6 minutes… It must have been 4 or 5 between when I called and he had the accident. When I made the first call, we were in the West end of the city. By the time I made the second call, we were in the East end of the city.

He WAS drunk and was charged with impaired driving. I have to go to court.

He was damned lucky he wasn’t killed and damn lucky he didn’t hit anyone else. The other driver had his son in the car. Traffic was pretty heavy by then… He was lucky he didn’t cause a major accident.

It was 10:06 AM when I made my first call. How do you get so drunk by 10:00 AM???


Just a reminder...

Just a reminder...

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