Balloon Spiders…

I came up with this idea many years ago and they have become a staple for our Hallowe’en decorations. Now I have an actual porch, I can put them up without fear of kids falling off my stoop.

To make balloon spiders, you need:

12″ round balloons

4 black pipe cleaners per balloon

fishing line or tape, depending on your method of displaying.


Inf late the balloon so that it is not fully expanded. You will need to be able to twist the balloon without breaking it and tie it off. Squeeze the balloon until you can make two sections, one larger than the other. Usually, you end up with the smaller end being the end with the tied end.

Bend the very end of each pipe cleaner over on itself to hide the sharp end of the wire and press the pointy wire firmly against the pipe cleaner. That way you don’t ave small children getting poked in the eye and you won’t burst your finished spiders

Gather ther pipe cleaners into a bundle so the ends are all even. Hold your bundle of 4 pipe cleaners and bend the bundle in the middle.

Fold the bend over the twisted part of your balloon and twist once around to secure then. This keeps the balloon from untwisting and keeps your “legs” from falling off.

Bend the pipe cleaners into spidery legs once about half way down each leg and fiddle with them until they look right.

You can either tape your spider to the door or on a wall with a small fold of tape or you can tie a length of fishing line and suspend them.

I also made this hand-cut paper bag luminaria. I only made the one this year. I have a whole bunch packed away somewhere and have yet to find them. They are made from orange paper bags and brown paper bags.

… and, of course, more photos of the pumpkins. Procrastinator that i am, I didn’t get around to adding the horns I had planned using the small gourds you see on the ground in front of the finished pumpkins.


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