Photo Hunt: “Greasy”

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Greasy”. I stated looking sot photos I have of places that tend to be greasy or oily.

In fact, one of my favourite subjects, thought they are getting harder and harder to find “on the hoof'” so to speak are rail cars. I have managed to locate a few over the last few years  and keep looking for more.

Down on a siding, these cars sat for a couple of years. They have now been towed off somewhere else.

PhotoHunt: Letters

I am a little late this week.

I got a little “surprise” yesterday (which included a letter). A meeting with one of the Principles in my company informed me that, as of December 31st, 2010, I will be unemployed. The mandate of the government department for which I work ends in March 2012 and they are precipitously reducing the number of contractors doing the work.

If I had gotten this news a year and a half ago, I’d be freaking out.

My mother’s health situation means that I need to be in a flexible work situation. That makes getting a full-time position difficult. Since I need to be on a flexible schedule and preferably work at home, this reduces my chances of getting work. However, I am not concerned with this.

A year ago, my mother’s finances were… worse than a shambles… Now that I have managed to get her out of debts and ensured that her pension isn’t simply going out to pay the interest on her debts, we can manage quite well on one income. I want to be able to spend time with my mother while I can and I can be a better care-giver than I have been up until now.

Now for my PhotoHunt submissions…

I was intrigued not just by the graffiti on these rail cars, but by the various intended painted lettering on them. To their intended audience, the handlers and rail-workers, they probably make sense. Not knowing what they actually means, we are forced to take whatever meaning we can from them.

"1 1/2 In. Comp. Shoes"

"SOO 63317"

"Sens" (click image for full size)

I’ve done a little research on the tagger, here. I have no idea where “Sens” is based but their tags appear in both Europe and in North America.

And, of course, since I can’t just take a photo…

More photos here

Smile as though your life depended on it… and…

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