I took Mom down to The Heart Institute and got her fitted with the  ambulatory blood pressure monitor this afternoon about 2:30. We went from there to the chiropractor’s and then I drove her home. I went out to Sears and bought 2 pairs of shoes for myself and then got some shopping done. I arrived home, just before 6, and went to put the groceries away and Mom started complaining about the blood pressure monitor as soon as I got in the door. “We need to take this back.”

I asked if it was uncomfortable or something and then walked into the living room to find that she had taken it off. I asked why she’d taken it off. “Because I’m done with it!”

“We have to take it back.”

I said “You aren’t supposed to take it off. It’s supposed to be left on!” We paid $100 for this test that isn’t covered by OHIP and I’m worried that we’ll have to pay another $100 to have it put on again. I am still trying to understand why she took it off. And then she says “Aren’t we supposed to take it back, today?”

I said that we are supposed to take it back Thursday that she’s supposed to wear it for two days!

“But I’ve been WEARING it for two days!”

I kept trying to tell her that she’s had it on for less than 4 hours, at this point. She’s looking at me like I’m crazy…

I told her what we did today and she’s convinced that that was 2 days ago…

I managed to get the thing put back on properly, though. Hopefully, it will STAY on for the next two days.

And every time the thing beeps before the cuff inflates, she’s asking “Is this going to go on all night?”. I explain that it only beeps for the first few hours and then before bedtime, it stops beeping and won’t beep at all before we take it off. It will take her blood pressure every half hour but it won’t beep…. It beeps again and she gets irritated and asks if it is going to go off all night long, again.

“It seems to be beeping every 2 minutes!”. It is 1/2 an hour by my count…..

Jesus and all the Saints preserve me….

Holy Flaming Tractors, Batman, Redux….

I received a response from Consumer Product Safety, Health Canada about my reporting of the novelty lighters (as per yesterday’s posting “Holy Flaming Tractor’s Batman!“).

Lighters are subject to requirements under the Lighters Regulations. Some of the requirements do include labelling, performance and child resistance requirements. However, the child resistance requirements do not apply to all lighters. Lighters exempted from this requirement is determined by their import value at time of importation. Importers of lighters do have certain obligations to ensure that they are able to provide our Department with documentation showing that specific designs of lighter ignition mechanisms are in fact child resistant. This documentation which we may request from an importer is based on a test group of 100 children of a specific age group having tested surrogate lighters (not with fuel) with specific designed ignition mechanisms – at least 85% of this test group of children must not be able to cause ignition of the surrogate lighters. Therefore, we cannot rely on what we as adults may think what is child-resistant, or not ,based on our abilities to cause ignition of the lighter.

I should also mention that unfortunately the current Canadian requirements do not address the fact that these lighters were designed as cars and trucks which may appeal to a young child to play with.

We would however be interested in receiving additional information with respect to the lighters that you noticed at this specific store as we would like to enter this information into our complaint/incident database for reference and further follow up with the company responsible for the XXXX stores*.

I was provided a list of questions which I will address later. Hopefully, we can get these things pulled from the shelves.

*[Note: I am keeping Mum on the store until I get a chance to get another look at the items]

Holy Flaming Tractors, Batman!

This evening, I stopped at a nearby gas station, filled the tank and went in to pay. While standing at the counter, I spotted a box on the counter, filled with what appeared to be novelty key-chains.

There was a tractor, some cars, and a couple of items I didn’t really take notice of, and a clear plastic bubble with laser lights and three dice. When you shook it, the dice tumbled. On the top were two sort of dice-shaped blocks. The right-hand one it seemed you could depress. I pressed it, expecting that the dice would tumble or something.

What I did NOT expect was a flame to shoot out from the smaller block and fry my finger!

In shock, I dropped what I now realised to be a lighter, back in the box and the clerk at the counter laughed and said “They are lighters!”


Not only are these things designed to appeal to children, whether deliberately or not, they also have no safety catch on them to prevent very small children from igniting them. If a 52-year old could burn their finger, so could a small child.

In fact, the trigger for the flame is so easily activated, a small child would have no problem lighting is AND the flame is less than a 16th of an inch from the trigger! My finger was completely surrounded by the blue flame.

I immediately reported these items to Consumer Affairs.

I can’t find a photo of the exact items (except the tractor but I can’t post it as it is on eBay). However, there are a great number of similar items to be found on Google….

Which is the lighter?

Which is the lighter?

Santa Lighter

Santa Lighter

"Coke" Lighter

Fried thumb with that Coke, anyone?

Fork Lift Lighter -- Look at the flame!

Fork Lift Lighter -- Look at the flame!

Novelty Lighters

Novelty Lighters

Novelty Lighters

Novelty Lighters

Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

“Our Tech Trends reporter looks at the new gizmo Sony promises will revolutionize the way consumers become infuriated by goddamn blinking TV box things.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Found on Casa az….

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