Happy camper…

This evening, I went to the grocery store to get a few odds and ends.

I trolled by the “exotic fruits” bins in the vain hope that they might have “Dragon Fruit” (Pitahaya). Towards the end of winter, the Loeb store near us started carrying some more unusual fruits like varieties of Passion Fruits and the aforementioned “Dragon Fruit”.

There are a number of varieties of Dragon Fruit. The one the store was carrying was the one which looks like this…

"Dragon Fruit" Pitahaya

"Dragon Fruit" Pitahaya

It is the fruit of a cactus. Unlike the more ubiquitous “Prickly Pear” you often see, the seeds are more like those you find in a Kiwi fruit. In fact the flavour is sort of Kiwi-esque. It is easy to peel. Simply cut in half lengthwise and slip a spoon or even just your thumb between the thick leathery skin, slide it along the length of the fruit and it will pop out the pulp in one go. Slice it and serve.

The one I have been hoping they will get in is the red variety. Looks exactly the same as the one above but it has bright fuchsia flesh inside. Apparently the flavour is incredible.

Red Pitahaya

Red Pitahaya

Recently, Loeb stores across the province began being rebranded as “Metro” stores, having been bought out by the Montreal -based grocery chain, Metro Inc. Today, the Loeb near us opened as a Metro store.

AND… Lo, and Behold! After many weeks of checking, there in the exotic fruits bins were my beloved Dragon Fruit! They were a little droopy but I expect they will tase just fine….


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