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My contract ends today and  my new six-month contract begins on Monday. Since I haven’t had a chance to take any real time off this year, yet, I decided to take this week off. I don’t get paid holidays under the contract I am on, though I do get benefits and pay into unemployment insurance as well as have my pension deductions, I can’t really complain.

Unfortunately, since my niece had an accident in my car and I didn’t want to go through the insurance company, I had a rather hefty repair bill. Actually, only part of the damage was from her accident. A couple of months ago, I was rear-ended by an SUV which pushed me into the vehicle in front of me. The damage looked minimal so I didn’t bother contacting the insurance company. I should have. While the only visible damage was to the rear bumper cover, the actual bumper, which in the Toyota Corolla is sort of spring-loaded and when hit moves forward and then back to cushion the impact, moved in, bent and then didn’t spring out again. Had we been in another accident it could have totaled the car and possibly caused injuries to whoever was in the car.

So not only did I have to have the front end straightened and pulled out; rad, oil lines, and washer fluid bottle replaced; front bumper cover, light assembly, and lenses replaced — I had to have the rear bumper cover replaced, the rear bumper pulled out and straightened. I also have been trying to get the rusty side door replaced or refinished so had it done at the same time. They also threw in some paint touchups and cleaned the interior… It was a whopping bill ($4756.21 CDN) and I really should have gone through the insurance but by the time I realized that there was more damage than I anticipated, it was too late to report it to the insurance company. Oddly enough, the other driver hasn’t, so far anyway, contacted me or my niece and she has tried to call him a number of times and left texts. He may (or the car’s owner, as he was driving someone else’s car) have contacted his insurance company but so far I have heard nothing from them, either.

I also had to rent a car until I got my car back so add on $700 and that is the full amount. But my car looks like new… of course, it practically is, what with all the repairs…

I wasn’t going to let the fact that I didn’t have my own car to hold me back so we took the rental out for a couple of our usual drives.

I stopped by a spot I had photographed in the Spring, a “sugar shack“, a building in which they used to make maple syrup. The roof had fallen in since my first visit and the moss was greener.

We found another small cemetery which I was able to catalogue and photograph, the Pepper family cemetery. Just 5 headstones representing 7 people. The gate is especially pretty.

There was another cemetery, far too large for me to catalogue but with three lovely little angels.

Then we happened on a couple of lovely apple trees. The first was a MacIntosh apple tree gone wild and the second… I’m not sure about. I managed to find a couple from the first tree which were free from worms and which were within reach. They was stunning in the early evening light.

Tomorrow we plan to head out on another jaunt. Hopefully, it is sunny because we want to head up into the Gatineau Hills to see the fall colours.

Don’t cry for Michael Jackson.

I couldn’t care if Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop” or the king of Spain. Talented, he may have been. A sad, sad person so unhappy with himself that he had to carve himself up into a freak… Sure. But to admire him is offensive to all those children who he molested.

The accolades being heaped on him by the famous and the fans does a disservice to all those children yet to be molested by other pedophiles who see in him a kindred spirit.

Sure, he was acquitted but it wasn’t his innocence that got him off. It was his money and his fame that “acquitted” him. He paid off the parents of the children, something that those children will live with for the rest of their lives. Shame on him, shame on the parents, and shame on his excusers.

He and OJ will have plenty to talk about when they meet up.

“King of Pop”?… Maybe.

Pedophile?… yes.

PhotoHunter: In Memory

This week’s PhotoHunt Theme is “In Memory”. Since I have posted a few blogs lately in the more serious vein about personal loses and keeping the memory alive of certain loses, I decided to go in a more “photographic only” direction.

I have a particular fascination with abandoned buildings as well as cemeteries. If I can find an abandoned cemetery… so much the better!

Here are a few particular favorites, including a brand new (as in just found) cemetery.

Lichen on Moss

Lichen on Moss

Blue Church Burying Ground

photohunter7iq1The link is broken at themoment. Check it out when it is fixed!

Tree of Zeran

Tree of Zeran

South of Newington

Patience and Experience

Patience and Experience

Sheldon’s Corners (The burial place of Mother Barnes, The “witch” of Plum Hollow)

Point the Way

Point the Way

Methodist Cemetery, near Beckett’s Landing



The Cardinal Cemetery was relocated during the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Other cemeteries lie drowned under the waters.

Fuzzy Lamb of God

Fuzzy Lamb of God

Bolton Cemetery

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