PS… New(ish) blog

I sort of let this other blog slide a bit but with my mother’s diagnosis the 0ther day, I decided to revive it and move it over to WordPress.

It is called “Mother Forgets“.

It’s an outlet for some of the stuff that happens, much of it funny/frustrating when Mom forgets or gets a bit “clouded” in her logic.

PSS… I also pried the “: ;” key off my keyboard. I was sick of typing n;t instead of n’t.

How do people get here?

I mean in terms of getting to my blog…

Searched terms:

  • onstar spidey sense
  • cat barfing foam
  • train made from barrel
  • hot vidso
  • the bridge touching story
  • fur and blubber

… and, the piece de resistance!

  • why my butt burn

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