We’ll probably take his ashes out to the old farm and ask if we can sprinkle him where Cutie is buried.


We have to take Amber to the vet again today… Blood in his urine.

He seems happy enough… in his usual Eeyore-ish sort of way. I hate to be so negative about this but I am really tired of wiping up pee from the hall floor and scrubbing the floor for 5 feet around his “pee mat” every couple of days (mopping and washing spots daily, sometimes several times daily) and, as much as I love the old geezer….

I would never “get rid” of a pet for expedience’s sake it just gets me very, very down… Mom doesn’t notice when he pees on the floor and can’t smell it. It is depressing and annoying… It doesn’t ADD to the huge pile of things that are dragging me down.


Back from the vet… His gum where he had one of his teeth removed is slightly infected and he could have a bit of a bladder infection… or just be a bit “upset” after his dental work (who wouldn’t be) and also from the gum infection which can cause a “cranky bladder”. She gave him an antibiotic shot to cover at least the gum infection and possible bladder infection… Then we have to see.

AND… I am coming down with a cold. Dandy.

Poor Amber…

Amber went in to the vet for a looooong overdue dental cleaning.

Mom got a call later in the morning alerting her to the fact that (at GREAT EXPENSE) he had a number of teeth that were rotted (including all or most of his canines)… He has had a number of extractions and is probably not a very happy kitty.

He probably isn’t going to be very pleasant when he gets home. At least once he gets home and recovers.

Amber during his lean, mean mouse eatin' days on the farm...

Amber during his lean, mean mouse eatin' days on the farm...

Poor old fellow.

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