Photo Hunt: “Digital”

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Digital”. Since just about everything I do artistically these days involves some sort of digital manipulation, It is an easy enough theme to come up with something…

Recently, I have started a little series based on photos from, called “The Twilight World of Shorpyville“.  I’ve been manipulated the historic images from (You MUST visit the site regularly!) to create the alternate world of “Shorpyville”

"Upper Manhattan - Chemical Night"

"Hotel Tuller - Damn Hippies Killed the Tuller"

 Then, there is my much older “Alter Egos” series, where I “become” figures in works of art. (As you can tell, the subject of Judith and Holofernes/Holophrenes is a particular favourite).

 “Judith and Holofernes”

"Judith, Holophrenes.... and Dame Edna"


What Artist Should Paint You? Gustav Klimt, of course!

What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?

Who Should Paint You:Gustav Klimt

Sensual and gorgeous, you would inspire an enchanting portrait… with just enough classic appeal to be hung in any museum!

Thanks to Raincoaster via Az.

Certainly got THAT right. I love Klimt. Since he is dead, however, I will have to do it myself

The following are from a series I started called “Alter Egos”… myself as the subject in famous artworks.

The Klimt ones are some of my favorites.

Frau Fritza Riedler

Frau Mudhooks (aka "Frau Fritza Riedler")

Moi as "Eugenia"

Moi as "Eugenia"

Muddy in Blue ("Portrait of Emilie Floge")

Muddy in Blue ("Portrait of Emilie Floge")

As Judith (Judith and Holophernes)

As Judith (Judith and Holophernes)

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