Photohunt: School

An abandoned schoolhouse on the road from Merrickville to Smiths Falls.


School outhouse

Woodshed door handle


We went out for a drive, today, but the weather and the light, and the route wasn’t exactly forthcoming on interesting ruins or the light to photograph them in. Hopefully, the next few weeks will bring about better weather and better lighting situations. Hopefully, too, I will have the time to get out and about to do some photographing. We should be moving in the next month or so, as soon as we get the go-ahead to move into the new house.

In the meantime, my hankering for ruins must be fulfilled vicariously…

I came across a posting about drawings of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and other places, the work of Motoda Hisaharu, a Japanese artist. His work is stunning.

“Indication-National Stadium4 (Bird's Nest)”

“Indication-Tokyo University 2”

The Japanese seem to have it all where large-scale abandonments are concerned. For such a small country, there are a lot of very large buildings and complexes which have been simply left empty. They also don’t seem to have suffered quite as badly from vandalism as buildings elsewhere would have. Is it the general law-abiding nature of the Japanese? The remoteness of many of the locations? Perhaps it is  simply that the litigious nature of North Americans that generally makes such sites out-of-bounds, here.

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The word haikyo is Japanese for “ruin”.

Here are a few…

A brain in a jar...

…in an abandoned doctor’s lab

A mammoth ride...

…in Niigata Russian Village… Japan

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More abandonment

Boker mountain resort, Cambodia

Ghost island of Hashima, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

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More abandoned places

Kevin Bauman "100 Abandoned Houses"

(click on photos for links)

Henk van Rensbergen (

(^ an odd way to post the albums but worth the effort)

©HSF (via Industrial Decay)

(^ Blog. Photos linked to the Flicr page for each photographer. Plus great links)

James D. Griffioen "east side, detroit (2008)"

Andrew Moore, photographer


Cooper school, Detroit

National Time, Detroit

National Time, Detroit

Casino Rooftop, Asbury Park

Oak At Hammerhus


PhotoHunter: “Undesirable” Warning! Photos may be disturbing!

Warning! The second photo may be disturbing for some.

undesirable [ˌʌndɪˈzaɪərəbəl]


not desirable or pleasant; objectionable

Nature has a way of reminding us that life is sometimes short and often ends unpleasantly.

I posted the first image in the November 22nd PhotoHunter, “Bird(s)”. This poor bird was trapped in an abandoned building. I found it when I was photographing the town of Claremont, Ontario, which is mostly boarded up and slated for demolition for the Pickering Airport. I cannot imagine how it suffered before finally  succumbing to exhaustion and/or starvation.


Early one Spring, when I was out taking photos near Wakefield, Quebec, I came across this cat carcass. Whether it had been hit by a car and went into the field to die, froze to death, or what, I don’t know.

What was particularly disturbing to me was that, aside from the black toes and gums, it looked so like my Benjamin.

Still, it is life and death… The way of the World.



PhotoHunter: Bird(s)

A day late and a dollar short… Well, a day late, anyway.

This week’s PhotoHunter theme is Bird(s). So, without further ado:

The reappearance of my sister’s Peach-faced Love Bird, Elvis. Sadly, Elvis isn’t the sexy boy he once was. He has taken to plucking out his feathers on his shoulders and back, leaving them bare.




These two lovely little fellows are older than I am (so… older than 53).  Once upon a time, there was a mother bird. However, she has long since disappeared. They would have been bought at this Swedish furnishings shop that I remember so well from the Hardy Arcade.

They  sat atop the piano for most of my life.

The one on the left is somewhat handicapped by his bent right leg and both are a bit scuffed but they are happy in their retirement home in the cabinet in my bedroom.

"Swedish Birds"

"Swedish Birds"

This last one is one of a series I took of a bird trapped between the glass and some plywood in the window of an abandoned building. Poor thing.



Surprise photo sighting…

Last night, I took my mother out to dinner at the Marlborough Pub and Eatery, in North Gower.

As we followed the waitress into the dining room, I passed a series of photos on the wall over the bus area. I was rather surprised to see a photo which looked rather familiar. Actually, it wasn;t the photo but the subject that looked familiar.

One of my favorite old abandoned buildings was the subject. I was taken aback because it looked so like one of my own photos of it. If it wasn;t taken the same day, it was taken within a day or so of one I took!…. and from almost exactly the same angle!

It really isn’t surprising, though, that the building might have been shot by someone else in the area. It is only a couple of miles from North Gower.

The White House

The White House

Something I never got around to….

On Easter weekend when we were visiting with my nephew and his wife, in order to get ourselves out of their hair, Mom and I went for a drive.

I’m not terribly familiar with the area around Pickering, where my nephew lives. Rather than poke around town, Mom and I drove North to see what the countryside was like.

Straight North of Pickering is the town of Claremont, Ontario.

Claremont has the dubious distinction of being smack in the middle of the long-planned Pickering airport. This project has been in various stages of planning since at least 1972. Proponents claim that a new airport is needed. Opponents point to existing airports which easily have the capacity to handle both existing traffic and increases in traffic for he foreseeable future. They further claim that the expropriation isn’t really about an airport but is a land-grab for the GTTA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority).

Whatever the motivation, houses and farms sit empty, boarded up, and awaiting demolition.

As photographing old and abandoned buildings is one of my hobbies, I set about taking photos of as many of the buildings and the town as I could.

Here are some of the photos I took.









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