Nadín Ospina

Modern iconography meets pre-Columbian artifact…..

Too Cool!

I came across this terrific site which features products which have sustainability, recycling, reusability, etc., in mind.

Everything from jewellery made from old credit cards to a hydrogen and biodiesel powered Hummer Limo, from hemp hats to a solar-powered vibrator (no… I am NOT kidding!)… it has articles on some pretty terrific (and some rather odd-ball, in the case of the vibrator) items. Check it out!

Solar-powered Vibrator (Why? I do not know….)

Great Bowls of Fire


This Saturday, I had the great pleasure of attending the “Great Bowls of Fire” fundraiser for the Ottawa Food Bank, put on by the Ottawa Guild of Potters.
Area potters donated bowls and local restaurants and catering companies donated soups and bread. For $20, you get your pick of wonderful hand-made bowls and your pick of wonderful soups. The above is my bowl. I don’t know who made it. It was, sadly, unsigned.

Separated at Birth?

Rob Lutes


Vincent D’Onofrio

Tonight on Radio One

If you get a chance to listen to the Radio One program, Routes Montreal tonight, it is really good.I was listening to the tail end one the car radio (it is really great “driving music”) and have the live feed from the Edmonton CBC Radio One.

Tonights artists are:

Buck 65

“This turntable kills Fascists… Woody would have wanted it that way.” Buck 65 has a sort of Blues/Rap/Dub/Tom Waits sound…..


Rob Lutes

Rob recommends Creative Radio Central, an online radio station which is featuring Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. My personal favorite song from the newest Rodeo Kings CD, Bark, is “Stoned“. Now THAT is a “road tune”!

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