Child Haven gala fundraiser

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to go to a gala fundraiser at the new Ottawa Congress Centre. It looked pretty swanky and I was concentrating on what the heck I was going to wear to it that I forgot yo look at what organization the fundraiser was supporting. It was only after my friend mentioned the son of someone I know quite well that it occurred to me that the organization was Child Haven. I checked, and sure enough it was. The odd thing was that I had decided that I was going to go out to Maxville today to drop off some cheques to Child Haven for amounts I had raised at my birthday which I had announced that people could donate to Child Haven instead of giving me a card or a present.

Quite apart from having to make the trip all the way out to Maxville, it meant I could give my cheques in at the gala and also be able to make further donations by buying at the silent auction.

Last year at the event at Tudor Hall (it’s a conference hall that has nothing to do with the Tudors and doesn’t even look like a Tudor building – though we were joking this evening that it is the site of Ottawa’s only Tudor jousting ground), I spent a fair amount of money and bought quite a few things, including a wonderful wool rug with a “flayed Man” design which is a common motif in Buddhist iconography. This year I put my name down on a six items, I think, in the silent auction. I let two go because people I knew were bidding against me. I ended up with 4 other items, two of which I was the only bidder on, and two where others had bid against me. One of those I had to snatch the bid away in the last 30 seconds of the auction.

I ended up with these items…

Lord Ganesh, brass figurine

Brass and copper prayer wheel

Thangka – Hand-painted wood (front)

Thangka – Hand-painted wood (back)

Silver and “amethyst” locket

(I think it is just glass, considering what the reserve bid was for it)

Technology epiphany

We’re so used fitting technological innovations into our lives that, sometimes, we don’t even take a moment to think about just what a jump we’ve made.

I had a “technology epiphany” a short time ago when i was watching a video on my iPhone and had to get up to go to the bathroom. Rather than pause the video, I took the iPhone with me. Suddenly, I realized what a jump this is. Being able to walk around watching a video… I’d watched a video while sitting on the bus but I didn’t even think about the import of it. I suppose that the first time I carried the handset for the phone into another room rather than being forced to sit three feet from the phone or even just being able to carry the phone as far as the cord attached to the wall allowed must have felt pretty cool but I don’t recall being this aware of the momentousness of it.

My mother and I often think how fascinated my grandfather would have been with modern technology. He was the first person in the village to have a “wireless” installed in his house. I imagine that, to him, being able to walk from room to room with a phone that plays videos would be akin to walking on the moon!

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