Photo Hunt: Covered

My computer is being annoyingly slow (and the keyboard seems reluctant to allow me to use caps and I have to go back and redo those) so I may get this up before morning… or I might not. We’ll see.

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Covered”.

The first is a roadside hubcap seller West of Ottawa. the guy has a number of large racks covered in used hubcaps, some of them really cool!

The other day, we went for a drive and I visited an old, abandoned “Sugar shack” that I have been to before. There are a number of things strewn about the property. Some are covered in moss…

And, specially for Mumbai Daily, here is another something covered so well that you can barely see him… Can you? In fact, I didn’t even see him until I downloaded the photos from the camera.

There he is!

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