Photo Hunt: “Patch”

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Patch”.

I immediately thought about patches of light (since it has been REALLY hot and sunny this week). The first photo was taken during a drive in the country, just before a rainstorm. I am always awed by the shafts of sunlight filtering through clouds. Majestic! I used to watch this German-American painter who hosted a program showing how to paint (not because I liked his painting — sort of along the line of “starvin’ artist” paintings– but because I loved his patter). He used to refer to things as “an almighty sky” or “an almighty mountain”. This is “an almighty sky”.

The next series were taken last summer when I was out listening to friends playing at a country pub. It was a brilliantly hot day and the sun was blazing through the windows and landing in patches. I was fascinated by light filtering through my beer and creating rainbows and its highlighting objects around the room. And, yes, the music was great!

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