Photo Hunt: Square

I’m not entirely sure that I feel much like participating in anything this week… it’s been very stressful. Not only are taxes due to be done, but it is the end of the month and I have to get my timesheets and reports done for the end of the month. As well, as I have alluded to, there is some crap that I am dealing with in the co-op and I am struggling to deal with things that are just plain stupid. Well, I am not alone. But since I am on the Board, a lot falls on me because I am home all day so can get and make calls and emails.

However, a friend pointed out that it ISN’T all up to me and that things will unfold as they will. I take too much on for myself and I should just breathe and concentrate on other things. So I am.

Now. Having said all that, here is my contribution to “Square”… I posted this before for “Miniature“. However, since I now have an update on that previous post, just in the last two weeks, I thought I would use it again. As someone has pointed out, I failed to say what the “square” is!  It is a powder compact from the 1960s that my mother has had, probably since it was new and probably bought in New York City.

In my previous post, I had done some research which led me to believe that this is an enamel by the artist Karl Drerup. I was pretty sure that it looked like other images of his work.

Sure enough, two weeks ago, I received a comment on the original post from Karl Drerup’s son, Oliver who confirmed that it IS a piece by his father! We actually live in the same city and we are going to meet up so he can show me some catalogues of his father’s work! It is a small pleasant world.

Well worth remembering when you are in the midst of a week from Hell and dealing with idiots.

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