Why can’t we all just get along?

Currently, in our co-op, we have been enduring a situation which is aggravating, frustrating, and downright stupid. Ironically, it involves someone who I was very much in support of when they first moved into the co-op for reasons I now won’t go into, both because it I can’t because of my position and because I feel completely differently than I did exactly a year ago.

The thing is that if this person had just settled in and made any attempt to get along with others, they would have found a welcoming home. Instead, they have spent every spare minute finding something to get into a fight over. Not just petty little arguments but huge, community-wide disruptions. What few friends they made, they have alienated, either because they insisted in trying to enlist them in whatever manufactured dispute they had started. Whether imagined “threats to personal safety” by someone they had met once but “gotten bad vibes” from t0 “getting even” with someone they perceived as having stood in their way of whatever vendetta they have on the go next.

The sad thing is that they have a child who would find wonderful friends and have many happy years in a great community if the parent could only have taken the time to get along.

It is just plain sad.


I keep thinking… “Well, can it get worse?” or “Can we get through the next few days without more farce?” Apparently not.

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