After going on about how great and how fast my new internet service is, Friday it went down and I lost a day’s work, which is HIGHLY problematic for me… Not only can I not just go into the office because I can’t leave Mom all day but because being on contact, my call-up requires that I be able to work a certain number of hours. It is the end of the fiscal year, I have a new call-up in the offing, need to get my contracts signed and sent in (which I need the internet to facilitate) AND need to justify my existence before the end of one call-up and the beginning of the next. They can’t figure out what the problem is but it isn’t the new modem (I hooked up the old one and the same problem exists). It isn’t the DSL cords because I have used 15 different DSL cords in a variety of different configurations in different phone outlets (which also negates it being a particular plug). And the technicians say that no other complaints in the are have been reported on my block… I was told by a number of the call-centre people that any cord will do and by the last guy that I HAD to use a short cord….

They are coming tomorrow morning to see what the issue is.

Meanwhile, apart from the work issues, I feel completely out of touch and can’t upload my images, cant check my email, and can’t even play the games I am used to killing time with. It’s like being unable to get into your bathroom and you keep forgetting and keep trying to open the door….

I am currently as my sister’s posting this.

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