Sunday Drive

My friend Cat and I went for a drive with Mom, today. It was a beautiful day!

We drove out to Burnstown, between Arnprior and Calabogie to a little restaurant, The Black Bird Cafe.

The Blackbird Cafe, via Calabogie B&B

It’s a pretty little restaurant and the food is wonderful, if the servings a bit large (doggie bag!). There are regular menus for lunch and dinner and on Sunday they have a roast beef special (reservations recommended), and specials on the board. I haven’t been for dinner but lunches have a large selection of wraps and a number of other entrées. Last time, both Mom and I had the Salmon Wrap, with soup and a salad (a thick soup with Chorizo sausage), and I had a cheesecake with guava (I think) topping.

Today, I had the Blackbird bacon cheeseburger, with salad and soup (Tomato and sweet basil), and chocolate cake (huge serving of cake!). Mom had the Smoked Salmon wrap, again, with soup and salad. Cat had steak wrap, with soup and salad. Total was $70, which included a glass of red wine for Mom, tea for Cat and myself, and a soft drink for Cat.

The Salmon wrap which is LOADED has spring greens, cucumber, cream cheese, and capers is fabulous!

My burger was good, though, in retrospect I’d probably have picked a different meal, not because it didn’t taste good but it just didn’t hit the right note for me. The burger was juicy and flavourful and was topped with cheese, a home-made salsa sauce, cheese, greens, and tomato and arrived on terrific home-made Ciabatta bun. I think I should have ordered the Blackbird Club sandwich.

Cat was pleased with her steak wrap “It was juicy and DELICIOUS!”. She doesn’t use mayonnaise, but I’d have liked to try the horseradish mayo.

After lunch we had planned to drop into the art gallery next door, and the gift shop but they close at 5, I guess and we missed them… Next time. Instead, we drove up past Calabogie Peaks (die-hards were still skiing). to the Madawaska Dam. I was looking for the turn-off to skirt over to Khartum and double back towards Arnprior… but I missed the turn (both on the way up and on the way down) I still can’t figure out where the right turn is BECAUSE, of course, THERE ISN’T A SIGN……

Next time…




  1. azahar said,

    April 2, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Love the look of that cafe, though serving soup and salad with everything seems odd.

    • mudhooks said,

      April 3, 2011 at 2:49 am

      Most places do that, here. In this case, the soup is a small bowl rather than a larger serving which is nice (especially in this weather).

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