Photo Hunt: “License Plate(s)”

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “License Plate(s)”.

These are War Amps key tags, dating from 1963-1985. War Amps Key tags raise funds for The War Amps of Canada. War Amps began in order to provide artificial limbs and rehabilitation for returning war amputees. Eventually, the program turned their attention to assisting child amputees, through The Champs program. The key tags are registered to the donor. You put them on your key ring and if you lose your keys, the finder can drop them in any mailbox and your keys will be returned to you (it works… I list my keys once and got them back this way!).

Originally, the tags were registered to your car license plate. Eventually they turned to a serial number, both to widen the target for donors to non-car-owners and because license plate numbers no longer change on a yearly basis. You can see the change on the tags in the photo. Now, rather than a metal and plastic tag, you get a plastic tab (as well as a window sticker). Towards Christmas, they have another fund-raising drive, offering address stickers.



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