Salted nuts…

When I went to bed last night it was raining… This morning, I heard the snowplow out in the lot when I woke up. We had (supposedly) 3 cm overnight. In fact, it looked more like 10 cm (4″), judging from what was on the roof of my car.

Sometimes the plow comes by and does a sweep of the lot and then comes back in the evening to clear the whole lot. We get a call to move our cars before they come. I was hoping it was just a sweep because I could move my car into the visitor parking opposite and when they are done my part of the lot, I could move it back. Since one end of my section of the lot is the snow dump, they will often clear my area completely and I don’t have to move my car when they do a complete plow…. Not to be… Moments later, we got the call to move our cars. However, to GET to my car, I had to shovel the walkway down to the garbage pad and handicapped parking spot, the little ramp and then across to my car.

Then, of course, I had to clean 10 cm off my car. Never fails, too, there won’t be a breath of air until you start brushing the snow off the car and the wind picks up and you get a face and cleavage full of snow…

The view from here

After moving my car, I went to my sand and salt bucket and began salting the walkway. On the second trip, I hit something hard and round in the bucket. When I dug it out, I discovered a hazelnut. I guess a squirrel was taking the easy way out instead of trying to dig into the earth in front of my house. I expect he/she will rebury it in the same spot. It should be nice and tasty, being already salted!

Nuts to you


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